‘Refinery’ floating into the Black Sea | Turkish Economy News

‘Refinery’ floating into the Black Sea |  Turkish Economy News

Continuing its efforts to increase the production of Black Sea gas in the first phase, Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) has started its preparations for phase-2. TPAO, which previously delivered natural gas to the network by delivering it to the land in a short time, is preparing to take a new step to accelerate production. According to information obtained from sources of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, TPAO purchased a floating production platform from Brazil. With the floating platform sent to Singapore to be revised according to Turkey’s natural gas production needs, raw gas coming from the depths of the Black Sea will be processed in the middle of the sea and transported to land through new pipelines.

The platform in question will be 360 ​​meters wide, approximately the size of 4 football fields. The ship-like platform will not have an engine. The platform will not only process raw gas at sea, but will also have all kinds of living spaces for the technical personnel who will work on it. As the platform begins to be used, expert teams will be brought in from abroad. These expert teams will also provide training to Turkish teams.

The platform, which has been redesigned according to Turkey’s needs, is expected to arrive in Turkey in June 2025. With this platform, Turkey will have its name written in an important place in the world league. It will be the 6th country to have this platform, after the USA, Russia, Brazil, Norway and Malaysia. It was also learned that the Turkish flag was hoisted on the platform prepared in Singapore and the platform was decorated with a crescent and a star.

It was calculated that it would take approximately 5 years to build a similar platform from scratch, and that a revised platform would be approximately 60 percent more advantageous in terms of cost than a new platform. Therefore, he decided to acquire the platform and revise it.

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