Rejection of the increase in garbage and water rates in Zaragoza

Rejection of the increase in garbage and water rates in Zaragoza

The Union of Consumers of Aragón-UCAARAGÓN has presented a series of allegations to modify the criteria to determine the garbage rate, in addition to showing their rejection of the increase in the water rate.

The allegations thus seek to address the “high rate” in garbage and water rates in Zaragoza, which contemplate increases of 29% in the garbage bill and 8.5% in the water bill.

For the Aragon Consumers Union, the report on which this increase is based does not seem to us to properly justify the aforementioned increase in municipal rates.

“The approach seems totally abusive to us, since Rate increases should be in line with the income of family economies. These increases, well above the CPI increase forecasts for 2023, cannot be arbitrary,” they add.

Furthermore, they emphasize that “the Law establishes that Public rates and fees cannot be collection elements, that is, they must adjust to the cost of the service provided. But we believe that is not the case in this case.”

Environmental tax incentives

The Aragon Consumers Union has stressed that, in its view, the report on which the decision to raise rates is based does not justify such an increase. “That is, the increase in costs has not been reflected in the increase in rates,” they clarify.

Furthermore, UCARAGÓN has explained that the criteria currently used to determine the garbage rate, water consumption, does not comply with the polluter pays principle. “Principle that the law enshrines as an essential element,” they add.

One reason why they have urged the Zaragoza City Council to look for a system that passes on costs based on the waste produced, so that each person pays for what they really pollute.

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