Renfe seeks for the international market to become 10% of its business in five years

Renfe seeks for the international market to become 10% of its business in five years

Renfe is looking into new markets, diversifying its income and becoming an international logistics benchmark with the aim of the international market accounting for 10% of its business in the next five years.

The company is immersed in obtaining new contracts outside Spain to export knowledge as a prestigious operator in different mobility projects.

In Europe, Renfe seeks to take advantage of the opportunities offered andthe liberalization process that is taking place in the sector throughout the continent and, at the same time, maintains its focus on the large railway projects that are being developed in America and Asia.

Specifically, the company participates in the development of new railway projects in Mexico, Ecuador, Canada, the United States and Chile and has begun to open business in France, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania to advance its internationalization plan.

In Asia, following in the wake of his participation in the high speed connecting Medina and Meccain Saudi Arabia, Renfe is expanding its business opportunities in surrounding countries with its “active” participation in the Middle East Fair that took place this year in Abu Dhabi, the operator has stressed.

The long-term objective is for its Strategic Plan to achieve 10% of its income from international markets by 2028 and to place internationalization, innovation and customer focus as the three fundamental pillars of its transformation process.

New society

For this, Renfe has created a new company, Renfe International Projectsestablished to develop the company’s international business through access to new markets and manage those international projects that the company already has in the implementation phase.

In addition to offices in London, Brussels and Lyon, Renfe has Renfe of America, a subsidiary aimed at exploring new business opportunities in the United States, 50% Leo Express a key Czech company to qualify for tenders to provide public services in other European countries.

Renfe It also has the PQQ Passportt, granted by the United Kingdom Department of Transport, gives Renfe the possibility of participating in public tenders and expanding its presence in said market.

International projects

On its way to international expansion, Renfe has set its sights on Francewhere, since last July, it has two new high-speed routes with which it began its solo operation in the neighboring country, linking 17 destinations on both sides of the border and connecting Lyon with Barcelona and Marseille with Barcelona and Madrid.

This milestone for the Spanish company, achieved in record time, is the result of its effort to complete all the administrative procedures required to be able to exercise a commercial activity in Franceand which go through the opening and registration of a branch in Lyon.

The next step will be to obtain the Security certificate to expand its activity in other corridors of interest in French territory, such as the Lyon-Paris corridor.

In PortugalRenfe plans to implement a new international cross-border service that connects Extremadura with the Portuguese town of Évora, although a date has not yet been set.

Furthermore, the consortium of which Renfe is a part, together with the Spanish engineering company Ineco and the German DB Engineering & Consultinghas been awarded the contract to provide services as a “shadow operator” in the Rail Baltica high-speed project, playing a fundamental role in the construction phase, defining the operation and maintenance requirements.

This project, co-financed by the European Unionwill link the main cities of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania through a high-speed train that will begin operating in 2026.

On the other hand, Renfe has carried out a strategic acquisition upon completing the purchase of 50% of the operator Leo Express.

This acquisition gives Renfe the opportunity to expand its activity in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, as well as access the German market through the acquired resources and licenses.

This strategic operation allows Renfe to opt for Public Service Obligation Services (OSP) tenders in different countries, contributing to the growth of its international activity and also favoring the growth of other Spanish companies related to the railway industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

In Latin America, Renfe has established a cooperation agreement with the State Railway Company (EFE) of Chile ranging from planning and design to marketing and management of passenger and freight railway services.

In addition, it has shown interest in the management of the Quito Metro in Ecuador, competing with eleven other important international companies, with the aim of raising the quality and efficiency standards of the city’s transportation system for a period of five years.

In MexicoRenfe participates in the project known as ‘Maya Train’ as a “shadow operator” and in collaboration with Ineco and DB Engineering & Consulting, contributing its experience and knowledge in the definition of operational requirements, supervision of manufacturing and commissioning of the rolling stock, as well as offering support during the commercial service testing period.

More projects

In addition, Renfe has established international cooperation agreements for the sale of rolling stock and the exchange of experience and knowledge in numerous countries around the world.

Likewise, Renfe has implemented international railway training in various countries, providing training in different areas of the railway sector.

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