Requesting fines to communication companies for competition violations

Requesting fines to communication companies for competition violations

The Competition Board launched an investigation against 20 companies operating in the information and communication technologies sector, alleging that they violated competition by making gentlemen’s agreements regarding the labor market.

Following the completion of the written defense process of the parties within the scope of the simultaneous investigation, it was decided to hold oral defense meetings today and tomorrow. Members of the Competition Board, the investigation committee and representatives of the companies attended the oral defense meeting held under the chairmanship of Competition Authority Chairman Birol Küle. Küle opened the meeting and gave the investigation committee the right to speak to express its opinion.


It was stated that 18 enterprises, against whom an investigation was carried out, were found to be parties to agreements restricting competition prohibited by Article 4 of the ‘Law on the Protection of Competition’ No. 4054, and administrative fines should be imposed on the enterprises. It was noted that the violations of two companies regarding the subject of the investigation could not be detected.

It was stated that the clauses cited as a basis for violation in the contracts concluded between the enterprises should be changed in a way that will not cause a competition violation. Competition Authority President Birol Küle gave the representatives of the companies the right to speak separately to make their defense after the investigation committee. The final decision regarding the investigation is expected to be announced within 15 days.

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