Rheinmetall: Rheinmetall wants to double sales by 2026 – Economy

Rheinmetall: Rheinmetall wants to double sales by 2026 – Economy

The arms company Rheinmetall is aiming for even stronger growth in the coming years in view of increasing defense budgets in western countries. By 2026, sales are expected to increase to 13 to 14 billion euros, as quoted in the Dax Pursue announced. This corresponds to an average annual growth of around 20 percent compared to the current planning for this year, which assumes revenue of 7.4 to 7.6 billion euros. Rheinmetall is fully on track to achieve these goals, the presentation said.

Last had Rheinmetall In the old medium-term planning from 2022 to 2025, an annual increase of 17 percent is on the list. Analysts previously expected sales of almost twelve billion in 2026. The Düsseldorf-based armaments division remains the source of returns, which is expected to contribute around eleven billion of sales in three years. At Rheinmetall, this includes businesses with ammunition and weapons, vehicle systems and electronics.

Rheinmetall wants to grow, among other things, in the USA

The Düsseldorf-based group has expanded its production capacities in view of the turning point announced by Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the wake of Russia’s war against Ukraine and the expected boom in orders. The company also supplies Ukraine with weapons and ammunition. “Rheinmetall is needed when it comes to meeting the dramatically increased needs of many countries for military equipment,” Rheinmetall boss Armin Papperger said at the beginning of November. The defense budgets of NATO countries increased as a result of the Ukraine war, according to the presentation.

Rheinmetall wants to grow, among other things, in the USA. The country has the potential to become a “new home market” by the end of the decade. Rheinmetall intends, among other things, to deliver a successor to the US Bradley infantry fighting vehicle there. But Rheinmetall also wants to think about its shareholders. Papperger emphasized that the focus remains on creating value for shareholders. Rheinmetall shares rose by almost four percent to 288.80 euros in the morning.

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