Rhone. Beaujolais labeled “Territoires d’Industrie”

Rhone.  Beaujolais labeled “Territoires d’Industrie”

Thursday, November 9, during a national meeting in Chalon-sur-Saône, the government launched the 2nd phase 2023-2027 of its Territories of Industry program which is part of a strategy of industrial reconquest and development of territories, indicates a press release from Villefranche Beaujolais Saône Agglo.

On this occasion, the Territoires d’Industrie label was officially awarded to Beaujolais, which is one of the 25 territories selected in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. Recognition and encouragement for the four intercommunalities of Beaujolais (Villefranche Beaujolais Saône, Pierres Dorées, Saône Beaujolais and Ouest Rhodanien) who have decided to join forces to support the development of industrial activities in the region.

An industrial territory facing several challenges

The national labeling of Beaujolais confirms the importance of industrial activities in the local economy. In 2023, there will be more than 3,000 industrial companies bringing together more than 13,000 jobs (i.e. 17% of the Beaujolais workforce). Faced daily with common problems, these industrial companies will now benefit from a collective dynamic which unites public authorities and industrialists with the same objective: to promote local activity and production.

The Beaujolais industrial region faces 4 major challenges:

– find a balance between economy and environment through controlled, balanced and demanding development of the territory in accordance with the guidelines of the new Beaujolais territorial coherence plan (SCoT) currently being prepared;

– help the region’s industrial SMEs access innovation, equipment and productive investments;

– support these companies in recruiting a qualified and trained workforce in the industry;

– develop the land available for the reception and development of industrial activities.

A development accelerator

The objective is to support local stakeholders – intercommunities, industrialists, economic players – with the implementation and monitoring of an action plan to develop the region’s industry.

Four main priorities have been identified in the new phase of the program: innovation, skills, land and ecological transition. With, as a result, State support for investment to support structuring industrial projects, particularly in terms of relocation and skills development, and a strengthening of local animation and engineering by the co -financing of a project manager.

The action program for the Beaujolais industrial region will be structured around 4 axes:

– support companies in their ecological transition projects (e.g. development of renewable energies on industrial sites, improvement of mobility for employees, etc.);

– create favorable conditions for innovation (e.g.: encourage shared prototyping projects);

– develop skills and know-how by promoting industrial professions (e.g. collaboration with educational establishments to enable discovery of the numerous professions offered by industry);

– support companies in their search for land in the territory (e.g.: help them optimize their land, identify areas dedicated to hosting industrial activities in the territory, etc.).

Actions launched

This action program will be carried out by the four intercommunalities of Beaujolais and its implementation will be coordinated by a pair: Pascal Ronzière for the territories, and Hervé de Malliard, CEO of MGA Technologies, for industrialists. Based in Civrieux-d’Azergues, the company MGA Technologies creates tailor-made machines for the industry of the future in order to deploy innovations in industrial lines.

The implementation of this program over the period 2023-2027 will continue within this partnership framework, and the support of the State and the Region will be requested, the press release concludes.

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