The first of two planned LNG terminals in Mukran on the island of Rügen has started trial operation. According to the operating company Deutsche ReGas, the Western Pomerania State Office for Agriculture and the Environment had previously granted approval for this. The special ship “Energos Power” has already reached the controversial liquid gas terminal.

The aim of the trial operation is to test and put all land and ship systems into operation. There has been a dispute over the LNG terminal on Rügen for months. On the one hand, the Federal Network Agency emphasized that liquid gas imports via the Baltic Sea were necessary insurance for gas supply bottlenecks. On the other hand, environmentalists and local politicians expressed great criticism of the project.

Another LNG terminal ship, “Neptune”, is scheduled to leave the port in Lubmin in the spring and begin operations in Mukran in the summer – after necessary conversion work. The German Environmental Aid Association sued the operation of “Neptune” last year.