Rural protests cause daily losses of 35 million euros

Rural protests cause daily losses of 35 million euros

The Spanish Confederation of Freight Transport (CETM) has calculated that, if the French farmers’ conflict cost Spanish transport more than 120 million euros, Spain’s It is costing, with more than 75,000 trucks affected, an average of 35 million euros per day. The employers’ association has indicated this Thursday that road closures continue on the second day of protests by Spanish farmers and, in addition, there is a threat to block the main logistics nodes, which continues to hinder the movement of trucks.

The CETM has added that it understands the problems of the countryside and their right to demonstrate, but the transporters “We need to do our job because the future of our companies, which are accumulating million-dollar losses, is being put at risk.after so many days without being able to work, first in France and now in Spain.” The National Federation of Transport Associations of Spain, Fendismer, for its part, estimates that the blockades due to the demonstrations of Spanish farmers continue on more than 40 highways and roads.

And although the number of roads affected by blockades has been reduced compared to yesterday, this Thursday they occurred in more than 20 Spanish provinces. It is mainly the southern and western center of the peninsula, affecting a total of 16 highways and highways and 25 national and regional roads, which would be causing impediments and delays in the development of the activity of approximately 45,000 trucks, he added. this employer.

For this reason, once again, Fenadismer has called for the responsibility of the organizers of the demonstrations in the exercise of their protests, to that do not affect the normal development of road transport activity, which also affects the production of the agricultural sector itself. According to the federation, this fact was confirmed in the previous weeks as a consequence of the coercive acts carried out by French farmers, which led to the loss of thousands of tons of fruit and vegetable products that could not reach their destination.

Opportunistic and unjustified

The UNO logistics employer has called the new transport strike called by Platform starting on Saturday as unjustified and opportunistic. has asked the Government to guarantee security and supply and has warned of the risks posed by these strikes, also those of farmers, for the sector. In this regard, UNO has indicated that the majority of Platform requests were already accepted two years ago by the Ministry of Transport and that this new call does not have the support of any of the main business organizations.

According to its president, Francisco Aranda, It seems like they want to try their luck again after their last call lasted just a few hours and had zero follow-up.. UNO has requested the Ministry of the Interior to guarantee the safety of drivers, goods and transport vehicles since it is imperative that the transit and free entry and exit of vehicles from companies, logistics centers and material supply farms be allowed. raw materials to ensure the functioning of the supply chain.

In addition, has requested that the right to free movement of goods be guaranteed to prevent a shortage of supplies from occurring to the population. and has pointed out that isolated incidents are already being recorded due to the pickets and that both mobilizations could cause serious problems for those transporters who want to exercise their legitimate right to work.

In this context, UNO has met with the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente, within the framework of the National Road Transport Committee, to determine the contingency lines with which to cushion the impact of the farmers’ strike on the logistics sector. Furthermore, as has already been done due to the mobilizations in the agricultural sector, UNO has requested that exceptional driving and rest times for transporters be applied.


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