Russia does not plan to build new oil refineries – Kommersant

Russia does not plan to build new oil refineries – Kommersant


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak told reporters that there are no plans to build new oil refineries, including in the east of the country. According to him, the available capacity is sufficient to cover demand.

“We do not envisage the construction of new refineries due to the fact that we already have excess capacity; we are implementing a large-scale program for the reconstruction and modernization of refineries,” said Mr. Novak (quoted by TASS).

He said that the capacity of existing oil refineries in Russia more than meets the needs of the market. According to him, factories have free capacity that can be used to increase production volumes.

March 29 Mr. Novak stated, which sees no reason for the legal restriction of diesel fuel exports. According to him, the market situation is stable, and oil refineries have increased production after drone attacks on some refineries.

February 29 government introduced a ban for the export of gasoline from March 1 to August 31 in order to maintain stability in the fuel market during a period of increased demand. Prior to this, the export ban was introduced in September 2023.

Read more about the government’s proposals to regulate the fuel market in the Kommersant publication. “From simple to complex”.

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