Russia has localized all mass packaging for food products – Kommersant

Russia has localized all mass packaging for food products – Kommersant

All mass types and formats of food packaging are now produced in Russia. This was reported by the National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko). However, problems still exist with certain complex types of packaging, especially for the dairy industry.

“Russia has completely overcome the crisis in the food packaging industry. All mass types and formats of packaging solutions for dairy products, including all types of baby food, were completely localized by 2024,” says the message on website “Soyuzmoloko”

It is noted that Russia has managed to localize aseptic packaging, which is also used for baby food and providing food to remote regions. This type of packaging is produced at one of the largest factories in Europe with a capacity of up to 5 billion packages per year, which belongs to the Packaging Systems company.

As Soyuzmoloko notes, the dairy industry is the most difficult segment in terms of providing packaging due to the wide variety of product types and high requirements for hygiene and quality of packaging. Packaging solutions such as EcoLean, SIG, Tetra Top are not produced in Russia. In addition, cardboard lamination capacity does not yet meet market needs.

Every year, the Russian dairy industry packages 12.8 million tons of products, which requires 32.2 million packages. 31% of packaging is multilayer cardboard, 17% is PET bottle, 25% is flexible polymer packaging. The rest of the volume is occupied by high-density low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE), paper, plastic, and foil.

According to Soyuzmoloko analysts, in order to fully supply the market with domestic packaging and reduce the volume of imports from China, it is necessary to develop a localization strategy, establish transparent “rules of the game” for the packaging industry, including establishing duties on imports and introducing other instruments of tariff and non-tariff regulation .

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