Russia letter from EU to member states: Prevent shipment of prohibited products

Russia letter from EU to member states: Prevent shipment of prohibited products

According to the Politico website, the EU Commission sent a letter to member states demanding that legal loopholes in sanctions be eliminated.

In the letter signed by EU Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis and EU Commission Member Responsible for Financial Services Mairead McGuinness, EU countries were requested to urgently intervene in the flow of illegal goods to Russia.

In the letter, attention was drawn to the importance of all EU member states taking urgent, joint and determined action to prevent the shipment of prohibited products.

It was stated in the letter that the measures taken to prevent the shipment of goods would be evaluated by mid-April, and that detailed information on how the companies avoided the sanctions would be shared soon.

In the letter, it was noted that the EU’s sanctioned products were first sent to foreign countries and then re-exported to Russia, or the prohibited product shipment was made through subsidiaries of European companies operating outside the EU.

It was stated in the letter that the prohibited products sent to Russia were not weapons or ammunition, and that these were products and technologies that could be used for military purposes.

On the other hand, the Commission is also working on the idea of ​​creating a new institution to take the sanctions from the responsibility of the member states and strictly enforce them.

The EU has so far implemented 12 sanctions packages against Russia due to the war. In this context, a wide range of restrictions were imposed on Russia, including trade, finance, energy, industry, technology, transportation, dual-use and luxury products, as well as gold and diamonds, including oil and coal.

The EU is trying to prepare its 13th sanctions package by February 24, the anniversary of the war. This package is expected to include new elements that will prevent existing sanctions from being circumvented.

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