Russia needs to fight for migrants – Kommersant

Russia needs to fight for migrants – Kommersant

Director of the Institute of Demographic Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences Maria Khramova said RBCthat migrants from the CIS countries began to choose new directions for labor migration instead of Russia. According to her, Russia needs to “fight” for skilled migrants and create working conditions for them.

Ms. Khramova noted that more and more countries are busy creating more attractive working conditions for foreigners. For this reason, migrants from the CIS countries are increasingly choosing new destinations, including China and European countries. “China now offers very good conditions, and we are already seeing the first signs of an increase in the migration flow to China from Tajikistan specifically for the purpose of labor migration,” she said.

According to her, Uzbeks have become increasingly interested in European countries for the purpose of labor migration. Other destinations for migrants from Central Asian countries include the UAE and Qatar. “From this point of view, Russia needs to fight for migrants – especially for qualified ones, who are most important to us… Competition for labor, both foreign and, by the way, ours, is increasing very well,” said Maria Khramova.

According to the data presented by Ms. Khramova, in 2022, migration growth in Russia decreased. One of the main reasons for the decrease in flow is the volatility of the ruble, that is, the decrease in the income of migrants in Russia. According to Maria Khramova, the decline in flow was also affected by difficulties with transferring money abroad.

According to the latest research from the IEP market research laboratory, new maximums have been recorded for the shortage of workers in industry – in January of this year, 53% of manufacturers indicated it. The most popular way to solve personnel problems remains the wage race – 80% of enterprises plan to participate in it. At the same time, hiring migrants remains the least popular way to fill job vacancies.

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