Sace, in the 2023 budget profits of 398 million

Sace, in the 2023 budget profits of 398 million


The board of directors of Sace has approved the draft financial statements, consolidated financial statements and the consolidated non-financial statement of the Sace group as of 31 December 2023.

In 2023 Sace achieved a positive consolidated gross result which stood at 529.3 million euros, an increase compared to the previous year (128.7 million euros) and a net profit of 398.2 million euros (83, 8 million in 2022). A note from Sace communicates this, underlining that in line “with the objectives of the 2025 industrial plan” the group has “increased support for the sustainable growth of businesses and the country system”.

“During 2023 – we read in the note – Sace supported 54.6 billion euros of projects with guarantees, liquidity, insurance services, training and business matching initiatives (+13% compared to 2022), alongside approximately 50,000 companies, almost all of which are small and medium-sized. A commitment that has generated an impact on the Italian economy of approximately 145 billion euros, making it possible to support 950 thousand workers.”

“The results achieved in 2023 are the tangible reflection of the commitment of all the people at Sace, one company serving the sustainable evolution needs of Italian companies as part of the Insieme2025 Plan”, declared Alessandra Ricci, CEO of Sace.


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