Saint-Chamond. After the liquidation of Domino’s pizza, the business at auction

Saint-Chamond.  After the liquidation of Domino’s pizza, the business at auction

Food stores in La Varizelle: a mixed result

On the catering side, the first to be installed was the Marie Blachère bakery, from December 2021. And everything seems to be going well for her. “It quickly evolved well, the clientele is quite loyal. We are quite satisfied. The activity meets our expectations, even if we always hope for more and we have objectives to achieve,” confides Hadia Saïdi, assistant sales manager.

For the youngest too, “it’s going well” even if Brut Butcher, who opened last January , has little perspective. “The attendance is pretty good. It’s already good, we’re satisfied. After a very good start, there was a somewhat calm period, but since the last All Saints’ Day holidays, things are coming back well,” says Rebecca Mensah, manager.

“The store is not yet profitable”

On the other hand, for food businesses, it seems a little more complicated. Opened in September 2021, the Biocoop store has still not reached the expected level. “From the beginning, we underwent the work on the access road. Since then, it has improved, but attendance is not great, it is quite difficult. The store is not yet profitable. We suffer from the problem of access to the area. We are waiting for the interchange to be created but it is starting to take a long time. And we risk having disruptions during the work…” fears Franck Bony who nevertheless remains hopeful that the situation will improve.

Especially since if organic has experienced a withdrawal, “things seem to be getting better.” Its activity is still growing slightly. “The development is positive, but it needs to accelerate…”

At its neighbor Tout Compte frais (primeur, delicatessen), which also opened in the fall of 2021, the attendance does not seem very high either but we were unable to contact the manager.

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