Saint Etienne. Armenian flavors come to the table at Yerevan Garden

Saint Etienne.  Armenian flavors come to the table at Yerevan Garden

Since February 3, Yerevan Garden invites you to discover the generous and inventive cuisine of Armenia at 30 rue des Armuriers. Behind the elegant navy blue facade of this new gourmet address, a united duo: Nerses and Narek Avoian. “This restaurant is first and foremost a family story,” confide the two brothers, aged 23 and 22.

“At home, we help each other a lot, we are very, very family. » The premises, which previously housed a Portuguese restaurant, have been completely renovated to make way for a large, bright room extended by a smaller second room that can be privatized, with many plants and images of their country.

A green and warm setting designed to evoke the beauty of the Armenian landscapes and “give guests the feeling of being at home. »

Because it is to share this essential part of their culture transmitted by their mother, a fine cook, that Nerses and Narek Avoian embarked on this adventure.

“Homemade right down to the pastries”

On the menu, a vast choice of dishes typical of this tasty cuisine where influences mingle. Among the starters always rich in vegetables, dolma – vine leaves stuffed with meat served with herb yogurt, eetch (Armenian tabbouleh), lamajoun (small pizza), khorovats (meat skewer)…

The two young cooks, born in Russia and came to Saint-Étienne as a child with their parents, also intend to delight customers with their barbecue grills. “Everything here is fresh and homemade,” they explain, “right down to the pastries,” not forgetting the “lavash,” a delicious Armenian bread.

Nerses and Narek Avoian have chosen halal cuisine to reach a large clientele and affordable prices, starters being offered from €4, dishes between €10 and €12 on average, with the exception of dishes to share. Armenian wines and alcohols can accompany the menus.

“There was no longer an Armenian restaurant in Saint-Étienne,” explain Nerses and Narek, happy to fill this gap and the good reception given to their restaurant, which was full for Valentine’s Day. The duo plans to continue on this festive note by offering dance or theme evenings. And by summer, Yerevan Garden will also open its interior courtyard terrace with barbecue.

Yerevan garden, 30 rue des Armuriers, 42100 Saint-Étienne. Such. 09 82 40 54 33. More information on Instagram “yerevan_garden”

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