Saint Etienne. “L’Œil à drawers” ​​combines beautiful flea markets and works of art

Saint Etienne.  “L’Œil à drawers” ​​combines beautiful flea markets and works of art

“Inanimate objects, do you have a soul? », asked Lamartine. Impossible to doubt it when discovering L’Œil à drawers, a new flea market opened at the beginning of December at 5 rue François-Gillet.

On the weathered tables and shelves of a truck unit, antique table services, vases and glassware blend harmoniously with dried flowers and contemporary works of art. Established for several years in Saint-Étienne, “a dynamic city on a human scale and warm”, Maëlle Raut and Jérémy Ranaivo opened this store out of a love of objects from yesteryear.

Familiar with flea markets, flea markets and garage sales

Familiar with flea markets, flea markets and garage sales to decorate their own interiors, they decided a year ago to “transform their passion into a profession”.

Retraining, he after ten years in an architecture firm, she from National Education where she teaches plastic arts and cinema, they discovered this vast doorway previously occupied by Accessoire Diffusion. While creating their business, they brought new life to this premises which had been closed for eight years.

But the new storefront doesn’t just house a second-hand store. It is also a workshop with a double vocation.

“Some of the objects that we recover are restored and brought up to date to better adapt to modern interiors,” explains Jérémy Ranaivo, who is originally from the Paris region and saw his love of antique furniture born with his grandfather, carpenter.

Transformed lighting fixtures, watercolors…

Some furniture is brightened and waxed, and the lighting transformed. A whole set of globes are presented and can be reassembled with new electrical cables of the desired color and length to become pendant lights or portable lamps. An original offer and a result so nice that they have already had to renew the luminaires used for lighting the store twice.

The workshop also allows Maëlle Raut to exhibit her own creations. Coming from the faculty of visual arts of Saint-Étienne, the young visual artist has been exhibited three times at the Giardi gallery and more recently at the Jaurès gallery.

In this universe full of charm and nostalgia, his drawings, watercolors and collages with organic or mineral motifs of great finesse find a new dimension.

The Eye of Drawers has already caught the eye of many customers and will continue to be filled with nuggets according to the tandem’s favorites. The boutique is open Wednesday to Saturday from 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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