Saint Etienne. Soon a games bar for young and old on rue de la République

Saint Etienne.  Soon a games bar for young and old on rue de la République

“Even though I always loved it, I really developed a passion for board games seven or eight years ago. I started buying quite a few, and today, I must have around 330 games at home,” says Audrey Millet, 31 years old.

This native of Roanne moved to Saint-Étienne thirteen years ago, for her studies. “I studied foreign languages, educational sciences, then I went to Tours for a year to get a degree in social intervention. » Back in the Loire, she first performed civic service at l’Accorderie, an association that fights against poverty and isolationinstalled at the bottom of Crêt-de-Roc, before being hired there.

A carefully considered and well supported project

She left the structure at the end of September to embark on a new project: opening a games bar. Called Heads or Faces, this games bar will open its doors at the beginning of January, at 10 rue de la République, in the former premises of Kitchen Street, gone to Châteaucreux at the beginning of September.

Audrey Millet thought carefully about this project. For the anecdote, “it was a former civic service from the Accorderie who knew my passion for games and who came, one day, to talk to me about a business creation assistance program, telling me that I absolutely had to get started. I was a little surprised, because it was indeed a project that I had in the back of my mind, but not necessarily so early.”

Audrey Millet joined the “Entrepreneur in the City” program in March 2022. She will still be supported until next March. Time to step into the shoes of the business leader she is preparing to become.

Games for children from 2 years old

Heads or Faces will be open from Tuesday to Saturday, afternoons and evenings. We will come there to have a snack – “Simple things: cold meats, cheese, toast, cookies, muffins…” –, to have a drink – “Hot and cold drinks, with or without alcohol since I have the IV license » – but also, and above all, to play.

“I want Pile ou face to be a place for creating connections, meeting people, and where everyone feels good: students, working people, families… I will have games and even furniture suitable for children from 2 years old. And I’m going to put little things in place so that even if we’re alone, we can open the door and feel comfortable. »

Audrey Millet says that she has always used the game, whether at the Accorderie, when she was a leisure center facilitator or even a volunteer with the Pink Blouses association (which works in hospitals): “The game, it’s a good way to meet people and chat easily. »

An investment of 110,000 euros

Arranged in a large cabinet and classified by major categories (quick games, two-player games, etc.), the games will be freely accessible. “I will be there to advise on the choice of games and to explain the rules if necessary. » Entrance will be free but “regular consumption” will be requested. And if you really want to come just to play, a contribution of 4 euros per hour and per person will be requested.

For the moment, work inside the premises is progressing well. “I do some of it myself, with friends and family helping me, luckily! » says Audrey Millet. Despite “a little stress” – this adventure still represents an investment of 110,000 euros – she is “very impatient to open”.

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