Saint Etienne. The fast food brand Chamas Tacos has set up at Place du Peuple

Saint Etienne.  The fast food brand Chamas Tacos has set up at Place du Peuple

A new fast food brand has just opened on Place du Peuple. Chamas Tacos, the halal taco network, anchored at No. 41 on October 17, succeeding the La Pause Brioche bakery, closed following the retirement of the artisan.

Taken over by a 33-year-old entrepreneur from Clermont, Karim Bourazi, the business has become, after major work, a bright and spacious restaurant with trendy decor with around a hundred seats between the two floors and the terrace.

Already at the head of two mobile phone businesses in the capital of Puy-de-Dôme, Karim Bourazi wanted to diversify his activities. He therefore joined the Chamas Tacos network through franchising, founded in 2014 by two young people from Grenoble and which is booming with already seventy-four restaurants.

Ten jobs created

In addition to French recipes offering vast combinations of meats, garnishes, sauces and spices, the network favors halal products. “There is strong demand,” emphasizes Karim Bourazi, also attracted by the quality of the ingredients, including French meats, and the display of allergens, which is increasingly in demand. In addition to garnished patties, served au gratin or toasted, Chamas Tacos offers the same recipes in a bowl version, without bread, as well as a choice of desserts and drinks. “We’re off to a good start,” rejoices the young trader. The quality and the average ticket, at 10 euros and 7 euros for students, attract a large clientele. »

Ten jobs were created to ensure daily opening.

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