Salary increases flew by – Last Minute Economic News

Salary increases flew by – Last Minute Economic News

Millions of civil servants and retired civil servants received a 15 percent collective bargaining increase at the beginning of this year. The rest was the inflation difference that occurred in the second half of last year.

Published: 04.04.2024 – 04:00



Inflation in the first three months of this year exceeded the increase given in January with 15.06 percent. Thus, an inflation difference of 0.6 points has already occurred for this segment. In addition, inflation will continue to eat away at salaries until July, when the second raise of the year is given in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement. Nearly 1 million public workers were given a 10 percent raise for the first 6 months of this year within the scope of the public framework protocol. For them, the inflation difference is already 5.06 points. Pointing out that the most decisive factor in the elections is economic realities, Turkey Kamu-Sen Chairman Önder Kahveci drew attention to the following issues:


“In an environment where annual inflation is expected to rise to 80 percent, a 15 percent salary increase will mean economic destruction for public employees. For this reason, additional additional payments should be reflected in pensions, employees should be given a welfare share, and the inflation difference should be reflected in salaries monthly. From this moment on, our authorities’ top priority should be to heal the economic wounds inflicted on civil servants and retirees.”

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