Second OIZ to İslahiye | Economic News

Second OIZ to İslahiye |  Economic News

Work is being carried out in all directions to revive the Nurdağı and İslahiye districts of Gaziantep, which suffered great destruction in the earthquakes of February 6, 2023. Permanent housing and commercial area construction is being carried out in both districts in order for life to return to normal. TOKİ residences rose in a short time under the coordination of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change.


233 new shops built with steel construction in Nurdağı and 91 new shops in İslahiye were delivered to their rightful owners. Making evaluations to Yeni Şafak, Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) President Adnan Ünverdi stated that they will open the second OIZ in İslahiye for production and development and that they have started work. Ünverdi said, “In order to increase employment, vocational high schools must be used effectively and encouraged. “Action must be taken on this issue,” he said.


Stating that production in some sectors shifted from different cities to Gaziantep after the disaster, Ünverdi said, “We are a big city that contributes to the Turkish economy. After the earthquake, we bonded together and have come a long way. Everyone made sacrifices. We are also trying to recover economically. We rank 6th in exports. Of course, there were also companies from other cities that came to us saying ‘There is infrastructure anyway’. “Shoe and furniture sectors from Hatay, construction and food from Adıyaman,” he said.


Mehmet Şentürk, President of the Gaziantep Nurdağı Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Tradesmen, answered our questions and requested that the support be increased. Şentürk said, “Houses are being built and will be delivered soon. Lots are being drawn. Much useful work was done in one year, and construction accelerated. The shops are being built in two stages. Some of them were distributed to tradesmen, others are waiting. Also, KOSGEB and Red Crescent gave us a loan. Red Crescent offered 50 thousand lira interest-free loans to 18 people. This was good but there needs to be more. “We want the support to increase even more so that the tradesmen can get back on their feet,” he said.

Giving information to Yeni Şafak, Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone President Cengiz Şimşek pointed out that there was a significant increase in production amounts in one year. Şimşek said, “We are the largest OIZ in our country. We are implementing our water transmission line project between Fırat and GAOSB in order to meet the need for quality, cheap and 50-year water by protecting underground water resources. We achieved exports of 956 million 458 thousand dollars in January. “The increase rate compared to January last year was 2.9 percent,” he said.


Gaziantep, the locomotive of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, is one of the fastest-recovering cities thanks to its infrastructure. Industrialists and tradesmen are determined to heal their wounds and bring the city back to its former power. The city, which produces in sectors such as textile, food, chemistry and machinery-metal, achieved exports of 9 billion 146 million dollars last year. There are 12 organized industrial zones in Gaziantep. 8 of the OIZs are actively operating. While 5 OIZs are located in the center, 1 is located at the airport, 1 is in Nizip and the other is in İslahiye.


Economic support packages were implemented in line with the needs of farmers in Nurdağı and İslahiye. Fertilizer, feed, saplings, smart irrigation systems and certified seeds were supplied. The Agricultural Equipment Park located in the region was also made available to farmers whose vehicles were buried under debris. Within the scope of smart agriculture work, irrigation systems were installed in 10 different lands. Approximately 600 thousand liters of diesel fuel were distributed to producers. Agricultural lands in Nurdağı and İslahiye became green and fertile with state support.

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