Seize the track to “innovate” and continue to meet major development opportunities in hydrogen energy

Seize the track to “innovate” and continue to meet major development opportunities in hydrogen energy


From hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that “drink hydrogen and spit water” to the world’s smallest hydrogen refueling station, take a stroll through the recently held 2024 China International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the “Hydrogen Energy Exhibition”), a series of green, efficient, cutting-edge A number of hydrogen energy products, technologies and solutions were unveiled, fully demonstrating the vitality of this industry.

Hydrogen energy is my country’s strategic emerging industry and the key development direction of future industries. The 2024 Government Work Report proposes to accelerate the development of cutting-edge emerging hydrogen energy, new materials, innovative drugs and other industries. Industry insiders pointed out that hydrogen energy is facing major development opportunities and has broad prospects in the future in centralized hydrogen energy storage and other aspects. To turn the “heat” of the strategic value of hydrogen energy into the “heat” of commercial value, the core issue must be solved: cost-effectiveness.

  New applications are emerging

It only takes 5 minutes to fill up once, and the endurance can reach 550 kilometers under CLTC standard operating conditions. The only emission during driving is water… At the Hydrogen Energy Exhibition, Hyundai Motor’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle NEXO test drive event attracted many visitors the favor of the reader.

The reporter noticed at the scene that the appearance of this car is the same as that of an ordinary tram, and the driving experience is not much different. According to Hyundai Motor Company’s technical engineers, its biggest technical highlight is the direct drive of the fuel cell without conversion, and the energy conversion rate reaches more than 60%. Regarding the safety issues that most consumers are concerned about, he said that hydrogenation and hydrogen release have passed at least 15 safety tests in accordance with Korean standards, and there are no safety hazards in use.

It is precisely based on this clean and efficient feature that hydrogen energy has become an important strategic choice for accelerating energy transformation and upgrading and cultivating new economic growth points. Currently, a hydrogen energy development craze is emerging around the world. Many parties are seizing the track, accelerating layout, and using technological innovation to drive product innovation, application innovation, and business model innovation.

China Energy Group focuses on releasing Hydrogen Island, a brand solution for the green hydrogen energy industry chain, and will work with Ordos City, Inner Mongolia to create a world-leading green hydrogen energy project benchmark and a core node for the national west-to-east hydrogen transmission. At the same time, a group of core equipment forces represented by the special national hydrogen energy innovation service chain area, the national energy hydrogen storage and transportation innovation platform, and the first (set) equipment in my country’s hydrogen energy field made their debut.

Yiwei Hydrogen Energy released the world’s first 100kWAEM electrolyzer product, in which the key non-fluorine AEM diaphragm material is completely independently developed and produced, with low initial investment cost and green hydrogen production; Zhengxing Hydrogen’s independent innovation, research and development and production of integrated growth The pressure hydrogenation device can provide refueling services for small and medium-sized equipment such as industrial forklifts, scenic spot shuttles, hydrogen fuel cell drones, and hydrogen fuel cell rowing boats powered by hydrogen fuel cells. It can also be used as an emergency supporting hydrogenation station. Guaranteed for use, it is known as the “world’s smallest hydrogen refueling station” and also the cheapest hydrogen refueling station.

  Facing opportunities and promising prospects

Behind the emergence of new technologies and new products is the fact that hydrogen energy, as a typical representative of new productivity in the energy field, is facing major development opportunities.

“Hydrogen energy new productivity is an inevitable choice for my country to accelerate the green energy transformation and development.” Liu Guoyue, chairman of the China Hydrogen Energy Alliance, said at the sixth council meeting of the first council of the China Hydrogen Energy Alliance held recently that governments at all levels Both are studying high-quality guidance to support the hydrogen energy industry, and the construction of clean and low-carbon hydrogen energy innovative application projects and fuel cell vehicle demonstration application city clusters has entered a critical stage. The construction of large renewable energy hydrogen production bases, hydrogen energy highways, ocean hydrogen energy and other innovative application projects are accelerating. Key technology research and equipment independence in the entire industry chain continue to deepen. The financing and listing of hydrogen energy companies are accelerating. Bilateral and multilateral hydrogen energy cooperation between China and foreign countries is becoming increasingly frequent, and the momentum of hydrogen energy to help the development of new productive forces will become increasingly strong.

Data show that currently, my country is planning and constructing more than 400 renewable energy hydrogen production projects, about 480 hydrogenation stations have been built, and there are about 20,000 fuel cell vehicles. Hydrogen energy has been demonstrated in the fields of transportation, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields. Lead the world.

Li Yong, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, said at the recently held International Hydrogen Energy Technology Innovation Cooperation Forum that hydrogen energy is of great significance for building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system and achieving the “dual carbon” goal. In the next few years, as technological innovation continues to empower the hydrogen energy industry and hydrogen energy application scenarios continue to emerge, the investment and financing popularity of hydrogen energy will continue to grow, and the industry development trend will continue to improve.

“According to the International Energy Agency’s predictions, 10% of renewable energy must be solved through long-term energy storage. By 2060, China will need 1.5 trillion kilowatts/hour of electricity stored by hydrogen. This is a very broad prospect.” Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician and Tsinghua University professor Ouyang Minggao predicts that coal-fired power generation will gradually turn into hydrogen-fired power generation in the future, and the scale of green hydrogen will reach 5 million tons to 10 million tons in 2030.

 Efforts to reduce costs along the “chain”

While seeing the significant development opportunities of hydrogen energy, we cannot ignore the risks and challenges such as technology, cost, and standards that exist in the development of the hydrogen energy industry.

Liu Guoyue pointed out that from a domestic perspective, the development of green hydrogen ammonia alcohol continues to be hot, but there are risks such as homogenization of project construction, immaturity of complete sets of technical equipment, and insufficient downstream market consumption, resulting in slow actual construction progress of planned projects and operation of some completed projects. The quality is not high, and the foundation of the standardized testing system for hydrogen energy and related equipment is weak. From an international perspective, global standards in the fields of key technologies and equipment for green hydrogen and its derivatives are not yet unified, which restricts the development of global hydrogen energy.

“The cost of hydrogen production is related to the long-term development of the industry, and the current speed of cost reduction is far from fast enough.” Steven Libbrecht, executive director of the International Hydrogen Energy Council, emphasized that we must pay attention to the ecological chain and development of the hydrogen energy industry. Supply chain, allowing the entire supply chain to rise and develop simultaneously.

Xie Xiujuan, a researcher at the Institute of Physics and Chemistry Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that if hydrogen energy is to be applied on a large scale, the storage and transportation link is an important sticking point to achieve low cost. Currently, my country is exploring a variety of storage and transportation technology routes in parallel. Among them, large-scale hydrogen liquefaction storage and transportation has achieved breakthroughs in key technologies and independent control of key equipment. It is hoped that the entire industry chain will be demonstrated in the next two years.

“Hydrogen energy is very ‘hot’ now, but it is only ‘hot’ at the level of strategic value. We need to turn strategic value into commercial value. The core is the cost-effectiveness of hydrogen energy.” Ouyang Minggao pointed out that China’s core key technologies in hydrogen energy Mainly in terms of fuel cells and electrolyzers, major technological breakthroughs have been made, and optimization and upgrading must continue, especially the durability of fuel cells. At the same time, with green hydrogen preparation and fuel cells as the leaders, we will drive the commercialization of the entire hydrogen energy industry chain.


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