Separated parents bonus: applications open from 12 February

Separated parents bonus: applications open from 12 February

Open the questions to request the contribution if you are separated or divorced or non-cohabiting parents in difficulty in maintaining their children, introduced with the Sostegni decree and then implemented with the Prime Ministerial Decree of August 2022. This is how the fund was established, to ” guarantee the continuity of disbursement of the maintenance allowance”: 10 million euros, the budget.

The application must be submitted to INPS between 12 February and 31 March 2024.

The contribution must be “paid exclusively to the separated, divorced or non-cohabiting parent who has not received the maintenance allowance for himself and for his minor or adult children with a serious handicap, or has received it partially in the period between 8 March 2020 and 31 March 2022the date on which the state of emergency ended.”

The measure was in fact linked to the Covid 19 health emergency. In fact, the “non-compliant” parent must have “ceased, reduced or suspended his work activity starting from 8 March 2020 for a minimum duration of ninety days or has suffered a reduction of income of at least 30 percent compared to the income received in 2019”, as INPS reminds us in the latest message on the topic.

The requesting parent must instead demonstrate that he or she is in a state of need and that he or she lives with minor children or adults with a serious disability on the date of failure to receive the allowance. To fall into the “state of need”, the income of the requesting parent, relating to the year of failure or reduced payment of maintenance, must be less than or equal to the amount of €8,174.00.

The application must be sent through the online platform on the INPS website, under the heading “point of access to non-pension benefits”. They are needed SPID, CIE or CNS. The application cannot be submitted through trusted intermediaries or CAFs.

The contribution is paid in a single solution, in an amount equal to the unpaid amount of the maintenance allowance, up to a maximum of 800.00 euros per monthand for a maximum of twelve months, taking into account the availability of the fund with respect to the number of beneficiaries, until the resources of the same fund are exhausted, which amount to 10 million eurosthe INPS further details.

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