SGK expert warned! ‘You may face the risk of retirement cancellation’

SGK expert warned!  ‘You may face the risk of retirement cancellation’

Social Security Institution (SGK) Specialist Özgür Erdursun listed the things that need to be done before retirement in 11 items.

Erdursun stated that those who present themselves as insured without working to retire from SSK may face the risk of fake insurance and retirement cancellation.

Sharing on his social media account, SSI Specialist Erdursun listed the things you need to know about the retirement process, with their advantages and disadvantages, in 11 articles under the title “Information that will be useful to you in retirement” as follows:

“- It is more advantageous to retire from SSK in EYT than in Bağ-Kur,

– You will retire from whichever status you have more days in the last 2520 days,

– The pension of those with SSK is higher than those of Bağ-Kur, but those who pay premiums at the minimum wage receive the same bottom pension.


– Those who present themselves as insured without working, saying that they will retire from SSK, may face the risk of fake insurance and retirement cancellation.

– If you do not have SSK in accordance with the rules in the company you are a partner of, your SSK days will be transferred to Bağ-Kur. You may not be able to retire from SSK,

– Your indebtedness to SSI is counted towards the status of your last employment, foreign borrowings and unpaid leave periods vary, foreign borrowings are counted as Bağ-Kur, unpaid leaves of civil servants are counted towards the Pension Fund,

– Those who want to revive and pay the unpaid Bağ-Kur days must pay the entire deleted period, not the missing day for retirement,

– Those who retire by borrowing abroad for even one day to make up for their missing days cannot receive a pension from Turkey if they work abroad or receive unemployment benefits or social assistance.


– Those who are insured after military service will become EYT members if they postpone their military service debt period and start of work until 08.09.1999. Except civil servants! (Great injustice to civil servants),

– Employees working in contracted countries can have their overseas start date counted as their start date in Turkey. They may be from EYT. You can retire more easily by paying attention to small details regarding retirement, or you can prolong your retirement period by not paying attention to these details, retirees with the wrong status can retire later and receive a lower pension,

– Even if you deserve your retirement, it may be more advantageous for you to retire in 2024. You should apply for retirement knowing your working period, severance pay, and the contribution of 2024 to your pension…”

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