Share and investment warning from BOTAŞ!

Share and investment warning from BOTAŞ!

Petroleum Transportation Inc. with Pipelines (BOTAŞ) stated that fraud attempts claiming that its shares were put up for sale should not be taken into account.

In the statement made by the company, it was noted that the fake news that the shares of the company were put up for sale by using the voices and images of senior bureaucrats and managers on some websites and social media accounts do not reflect the truth.

The statement stated that these fraud attempts should not be relied upon and included the following statements:

“Recently, on some websites and social media accounts, our organization’s name, logo and visuals, together with the voices and images of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, former and current senior bureaucrats and executives, have been used under the name of ‘investment opportunity’. BOTAŞ Fraud attempts that do not reflect the truth that the shares are offered for sale are encountered. These contents are completely unrealistic, by creating an exact copy of many news channels and official institutions’ websites using artificial intelligence, and using the names and images of our organization’s senior managers in order to increase credibility.

BOTAŞ is a state economic enterprise with 100% public capital. Our organization, whose official web address is ‘’, does not sell any shares or invest in any investment plan in which our citizens can directly participate. “All necessary legal proceedings have been initiated immediately against the accounts and websites in question, and we respectfully inform the public that our citizens should not pay attention to such unrealistic announcements and fraud attempts.”

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