Shenzhen stock companies intensively released action plans for “double improvement of quality and return”

Shenzhen stock companies intensively released action plans for “double improvement of quality and return”

Since the launch of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s “Double Improvement of Quality and Return” special campaign, a number of benchmark companies on the Main Board and GEM have responded positively. As of press time on February 8, more than 30 Shenzhen-listed companies, including Lanxiao Technology and Jinlang Technology, have intensively released action plans for “double improvement of quality and returns”.

Many companies have stated that they will firmly establish the “investor-oriented” development concept of listed companies, be guided by investor needs, and continuously improve the quality of information disclosure. At the same time, through good performance and standardized corporate governance, the investability of listed companies will be greatly improved, giving investors a more tangible sense of gain.

  Take multiple measures to promote double improvement of quality and returns

The reporter learned that most of the people who actively responded to this special action were listed companies from Shenzhen’s advantageous industries such as green and low-carbon, advanced manufacturing and digital economy. These companies can be described as “benchmarks” in the field. Industry insiders said that the multiple measures taken by these more than 30 companies to promote “double improvement of quality and return” will also lead more listed companies in their respective fields to actively participate.

“As a listed company worth hundreds of billions, we must not only achieve high-quality business operations and outstanding performance, but also keep in mind the concept of serving and giving back to shareholders and investors, share the dividends of development with shareholders and investors, and integrate into the normal capital market. circulation to help high-quality development of society.” emphasized the relevant person in charge of Inovance Technology, a representative company in the field of industrial automation.

Tianci Materials, the leader in lithium battery electrolyte, also stated that it will be guided by investor needs, continuously improve the quality of information disclosure, and will implement the “double improvement of quality and return” action plan in place, firmly implement the shareholder return plan, and effectively enhance investors’ sense of gain. , actively contributing to stabilizing the market and stabilizing confidence.

Carbon fiber leader Guangwei Composite Materials is also actively promoting the “double improvement of quality and return” action plan through a series of measures. “The company’s main measures include: firmly establishing the concept of returning investors and insisting on stable cash dividends; actively implementing the repurchase of the company’s shares to boost market confidence; focusing on the main business and adhering to the development of the main business; strengthening R&D investment to achieve innovation-driven high-end Quality development; continuously improve the quality of information disclosure and strengthen communication with investors.” Guangwei Composite Materials said.

“As a member of a listed company, we know very well that only by vigorously improving the investability of listed companies and allowing investors to have a real sense of gain can the stable and healthy development of the capital market have a solid foundation and truly achieve market stability. , Stabilize confidence. To this end, Jinlang Technology has formulated an action plan of ‘double improvement of quality and return’.” As a national individual champion demonstration enterprise and a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, Jinlang Technology, which is deeply involved in the field of inverters, also stated in the announcement.

  Pay attention to reasonable returns for investors

As an important part of the special action of “double improvement of quality and returns”, Shenzhen companies are also sharing the results of corporate development with investors through buybacks, cash dividends and other measures. In the intensively released action plans, many companies stated that they will continue to coordinate the dynamic balance between performance growth and shareholder returns based on their development stage, increase the frequency of cash dividends, optimize the rhythm of dividends, and continue to improve the level of shareholder returns.

In the 15 years since its listing, iFlytek has implemented cash dividends for one year. The company stated that it will continue to regularly formulate the “Shareholder Return Plan for the Next Three Years” based on its development stage, coordinate the dynamic balance of the company’s development, performance growth and shareholder returns, reasonably formulate profit distribution policies, actively distribute cash dividends, and effectively make Investors share in the growth and development results of the company.

Paying attention to investor returns, Zhuoshengwei has implemented cash dividends for four consecutive years since its listing in June 2019, with the cumulative cash dividends reaching 710 million yuan. “The company has clearly formulated a profit distribution policy in the Articles of Association: After setting aside the statutory reserve fund and surplus reserve fund in full, if the conditions for cash dividends are met, the company shall distribute dividends in cash, and the profits distributed in cash every year shall not Less than 10% of the distributable profits realized that year.” Zhuo Shengwei said.

In addition, since the listing of Jinlang Technology, the amount of continuous dividends has reached 501 million yuan, and the total amount of cash dividends accounted for 25.31% of the cumulative net profit during the period. In addition, as of January 31, the company has repurchased approximately 49.628 million yuan (excluding transaction costs). The company also stated that it will continue to implement the repurchase plan within the repurchase period based on market conditions. While continuing to distribute cash dividends, Yangjie Technology has also launched two share buybacks since its listing, and one phase is still being implemented.

 Focus on main business operations and improve governance levels

Focusing on the main business and diligently practicing internal skills are the keys for listed companies to improve quality and achieve stable performance growth. They are also the “confidence” to better return investors.

Focusing on its main business, it will continue to expand its overseas industrial layout and better serve the global market. The relevant person in charge of Zhongwei Co., Ltd. told reporters that the company is accelerating the integrated layout of front-end and back-end smelting in Indonesia, establishing Indonesia’s Morowalli, Vidabay, The four major raw material production bases in South Kalimantan and North Morowalli have a production capacity of 125,000 metal tons in the crude refining end of nickel resources under construction and completed. At the same time, the construction of industrial bases in South Korea, Morocco, Finland and other countries is proceeding in an orderly manner, gradually improving the global layout and enhancing international competitiveness and influence. “At the beginning of 2024, the company’s ‘globalization’ has received good news one after another. The North Morowalli Industrial Base in Indonesia has ushered in the first production line to be put into operation and successfully produced, and the first batch of over 2,000 tons of matte nickel from the Morowali Industrial Base in Indonesia has A series of new achievements and breakthroughs such as the arrival in China have laid a good foundation for the start of 2024 and full-year development.” said the person in charge. It is reported that Zhongwei Co., Ltd.’s current business has covered many countries and regions such as China, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America, with more than 10,000 employees worldwide. Localized industry teams and global marketing teams in various countries collaborate with each other to build a Create a new pattern of “globalized manufacturing + globalized services”.

In the “Double Improvement of Quality and Return” action plan, ZTE stated that strategically, it will adhere to innovation-driven and application-driven development, firmly expand into “connection + computing power”, and strengthen 5G-A, all-optical networks, and computing power infrastructure. , AI large models, new 5G applications and other innovations, focusing on the intelligent connection of all things to the “end” scale, firmly grasping strategic opportunities such as digitalization, intelligence, and low carbonization. In terms of operations, we will also adhere to “precision, pragmatism, and steady growth.” The company will also make every effort to promote the rapid growth of the second curve business on the premise of ensuring the core competitiveness of the first curve business.

In terms of improving governance levels, many Shenzhen-listed companies stated that they will continue to consolidate the foundation of corporate governance, improve internal control systems, and promote the “three meetings and one layer” to fulfill their responsibilities. Penghui Energy stated that by improving the level of standardized operations, the company will further standardize the rights and obligations of itself and its shareholders to prevent abuse of shareholders’ rights and management’s dominant position from harming the rights and interests of small and medium-sized investors.

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