Single allowance, the EU advances in the infringement procedure: discriminatory

Single allowance, the EU advances in the infringement procedure: discriminatory

MILAN – He’s not alone the theme of the seaside resorts on the table of the European Commission: the Brussels executive is in fact returned to focus the Italian single allowancetaking a further step in the infringement procedure on the mechanisms that regulate the support that has replaced the bulk of the deductions for dependent children.

The EU Commission has in fact sent the letter to the Italian government with a reasoned opinion: it contests the fact that “the legislation violates EU law as it does not treat European citizens fairly, which qualifies as discrimination”.

The Commission contests the measure, active since March 2022, for failure to comply with EU rules on social security coordination and free movement of workers. In fact, they can benefit from it only those who reside in Italy for at least two years, and only if they live in the same family unit as their children. In the opinion of the EU executive, this legislation violates EU law, as it does not treat EU citizens fairly, and therefore qualifies as discrimination.

Residency requirements prohibited

The Regulation on social security coordination, the Commission recalls, also prohibits any residency requirement for the purposes of receiving social security benefits, such as family allowances.

The story certainly didn’t arise today. Brussels had sent a letter of formal notice in February 2023, to which Italy responded in June. The community executive now explains that it believes that “the response does not satisfactorily address its findings”. Italy has two months to respond and take the necessary measures, after which the Commission may decide to refer the case to the Court of Justice of the EU.

Check to 6 million families, 256 euros per household

In the meantime, INPS has updated the measures’ accounts. Between January and September, 6,308,756 families received at least one month’s single allowance for 9,847,719 children and an expenditure of 13.416 billion in the period. The monthly average of protected families in 2023 was 5,907,598 households. The average monthly amount for applicants in 2023 without Rdc was 256 euros per family and 161 euros per child.

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