Skilled labor shortage: Where have all the Santa Clauses gone? – Business

Skilled labor shortage: Where have all the Santa Clauses gone?  – Business

What do they always say in cheesy Christmas films? Christmas is in the air. Five weeks before Christmas Eve, the first Christmas markets slowly open, cookies are being baked in some kitchens, and “Last Christmas” is perhaps being played somewhere. I’m afraid I have to say that I’m clueless. If push comes to shove, Christmas could be canceled in some places. Or to be a little less dramatic: at least not be quite as festive.

There is also a shortage of skilled workers in the Christmas business, and this industry, like plumbers, educators and waiters, has not been spared. Above all, there are people missing who squeeze themselves into red, plush fabric costumes that still smell of the speaker’s dried sweat: the professional Santa Clauses and Santa Clauses. Not to mention the professional angels. And without Santa Claus and angels there is no real celebration, that’s quite clear. Who should bring the presents?

That’s why placement agencies are desperately looking for people who can strap on white angel wings and big bellies (if the latter isn’t there anyway). “I approach women who appear angelic directly on the street or ask fellow actors,” says Angela Jehring, owner of the “Engel in Berlin” agency. Tobias Groß from the Christmas agency “Santa Claus2Go” also relies on personal searches: “We go to canteens at Berlin universities and speak to students directly.” It is not known whether they primarily appeal to overweight students. Maybe the Christmas industry also needs to lower its standards a bit.

The reward of being a professional Santa Claus and professional angel is huge

What may make the search more difficult for Jehring and Groß, however, is that Christmas without family is unimaginable for many people; no one wants to work during this time. But if you take a closer look, the reward of being a professional Santa Claus and professional angel is huge: shining children’s eyes. Stressed students who still have three papers to complete before Christmas should see the children’s joy showing them what’s really important in life. And that’s not the homework, you can write it with Chat-GPT anyway. And secondly, Gen Z can choose any job, the choice is so large thanks to demographics. Grades don’t matter anyway.

Not to mention the family drama about dishes not being put away or the uncle who is a bit too AfD-friendly, which you can cleverly escape with your new part-time job. Groß also raves: You get very personal access to families and experience lots of great moments. But the Christmas business is completely underestimated, and not just for students. After all, the baby boomer generation, i.e. those born between 1955 and 1969, is 50 plus and is in prime Santa Claus age. Possibly also visually.

If all that isn’t enough for you: Santa Claus can earn 500 euros or more in one evening, according to the “Santa Claus2Go” website. And you can also work during Advent. This means: Anyone can fill their stomachs for free at Christmas parties It also saves a lot of money on groceries. An argument that should not be underestimated, especially in times of inflation.

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