SNCF Connect, “elected customer service of the year”, the prize that makes you laugh out loud on social networks

SNCF Connect, “elected customer service of the year”, the prize that makes you laugh out loud on social networks

“And the best joke of the year goes to… SNCF Connect “. This Friday, users of the national railway company received an email which did not fail to make many of them burst out laughing. In this electronic message, SNCF is pleased that its purchasing and service application has been “elected customer service of the year 2024”.

In this press release, SNCF Connect is delighted. “We are very honored to receive the “Elected Customer Service of the Year 2024” label, which rewards the daily commitment of our teams in supporting our users at all stages of their journey. Thank you to our 150 advisors for their involvement and to our customers for their support! “. This enthusiasm did not resonate with customers who took to social networks to mock this honorary title.

On the social network X, formerly Twitter, many people reacted with irony to this announcement. “You won’t find anything funnier today” or even “I received the best joke in the world this morning in my mailbox” are going strong on the microblogging social network. “So can customer service for the year 2024 reimburse me for my 19 euros cancellation fee? », laughs yet another Internet user.

Mystery shoppers

Most users unhappy with the SNCF Connect service, which regularly attracts criticism, mainly highlight the railway company’s shortcomings on timetables, on many regional or national lines.

Some people wonder how SNCF Connect was able to obtain this label? On the Escda website we first remind you that this prize is awarded by sector of activity, then we explain the methodology. “The customer services or consumer services which participated were each the subject of 205 mystery customer tests carried out over 8 weeks from Tuesday May 9 to Saturday July 1, 2023 by consumers,” we explain. “Calls, emails, searches for information on the Internet, contacts via social networks made and chat conversations in real situations reflect the daily requests that you can make to companies”, assures the responsible organization of the label.

Clearly, SNCF Connect was voted “customer service of the year 2024” because it came ahead of all its competitors in its category.

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