SNCF: controllers maintain their strike for the weekend of February 16, management calls for “think carefully”

SNCF: controllers maintain their strike for the weekend of February 16, management calls for “think carefully”

The threat is getting closer. SUD-Rail and the CGT have decided to maintain the call for strike SNCF controllers for the weekend of February 16, during the school holidays, particularly in the Paris region. “Alas, we went on strike this weekend,” confirmed this Tuesday morning on RTL microphone Fabien Villedieu, member of the federal office of SUD-Rail, speaking of “final negotiations” with the management Monday evening which “n ‘have given nothing’.

Fabien Villedieu then announced on RMC that between “70 and 90% of the controllers” were announced as “strikers”. They are demanding a salary increase and better consideration of their end of career.

Faced with this situation, management had promised a new exceptional bonus of 400 euros, which “is in addition to that of 400 euros already announced in December”, according to SNCF CEO Jean-Pierre Farandou. “The feeling we have is that he does not want to satisfy the demands of the controllers. It’s an acknowledgment of failure,” said Fabien Villedieu on RTL, denouncing a “communication plan” from management. He claims that an “increase in the monthly work bonus of 150 to 200 euros” could unblock the situation. “We want lasting measures,” he added.

“Complicated to say yes to everything”

Shortly after this Tuesday morning and still on RTL, Jean-Pierre Farandou replied that it was “complicated to say yes to everything”. “It is not because we have the capacity to annoy the French that we should obtain more, it is not logical,” he insisted, recalling that what he “gives to the controllers, [il doit] give it to all railway workers.” “We hear the demands. But there is a capacity to do it, or not,” he added. According to Jean-Pierre Farandou, the salaries of controllers and captains have increased “on average by 500 euros” per month for two years.

Concerning possible train cancellations, Jean-Pierre Farandou said that the answers would be given “this evening or tomorrow”. “If today I manage to convince a controller not to strike, that’s 500 more French people who can go on vacation,” he said, calling on the “controllers to think carefully.” “We are ready to deal with all demands, but in a cold process which provides social coherence. »

For this weekend, Jean-Pierre Farandou listed three “priorities”: serving all French cities and ensuring “continuity of service”, maintaining “the trains which go to the snow holidays” and ensuring “the junior & company” for children traveling alone. The boss of the SNCF, however, was not able to ensure that meeting these priorities would be possible. “We will be very clear with the French, we will clearly say what we can do. »

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