Social reform: basic child security is shaky | WWN

Social reform: basic child security is shaky |  WWN


The traffic light is once again arguing about basic child security.

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The debate about basic child security continues: the coalition talks are, said deputy FDP parliamentary group leader Christoph Meyer to the AFP news agency on Tuesday, “at a dead end.” Family Minister Lisa Paus (The Greens) is hoping for a resolution on social reform in the Bundestag before the summer break. So she has the bill made without the FDP.

The debate was sparked by Paus’ statement that he wanted to create 5,000 new jobs in administration with the introduction of basic child welfare. According to the draft law, you should check whether families are entitled to further benefits in addition to the basic amount of basic child support. The aim was to reduce the bureaucratic burden on families. For the FDP, this is an impossible demand, after all, the reform is about digitalization. Now the parliamentary manager of the FDP, Johannes Vogel, also rejected the jobs.

The criticism is incomprehensible, said Bettina Kohlrausch, director of the DGB-affiliated Böckler Foundation, on Wednesday to “nd”. The central success criterion for basic child welfare is a simplification of responsibilities. This requires investments, especially at the beginning – including in increasing staff. In the future, this would be worthwhile in terms of socio-political, economic and democratic policy.

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The social associations support this in a big way. Verena Bentele, President of the social association VdK, describes the current situation as “bureaucratic madness” that requires “system change” to combat it. Daniel Grein from the Alliance for Basic Child Protection is calling for an end to the blockade. “Getting bogged down in arguments” doesn’t help against child poverty. And Ulrich Schneider, managing director of the General Parity Association, even calls for a “statement of power from the Chancellor.”

The associations agree that the social reform is already fulfilling in its current form only minimum requirements in tackling child poverty. Even Paus described the draft law in September as just an “introductory step”. At that time, as the Greens vehemently point out, the FDP-led ministries in the cabinet also approved the draft.

Doubts are now increasing within the coalition as to whether basic child welfare will come into force at the beginning of 2025. The SPD’s family policy spokesman, Sönke Rix, criticized the late timing: At best, a gradual reform from the beginning of 2025 is realistic.

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