Social Security will create an observatory on unemployment benefits for the self-employed

Social Security will create an observatory on unemployment benefits for the self-employed

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Elma Saiz, announced this Thursday the creation, by the end of this month, of an observatory for the monitoring of benefits for cessation of activity of self-employed workers.

During her speech at the ‘Europa Press Informative Breakfasts’, Saiz related that she worked as a freelancer “during the years of cuts and the crisis”, so she knows “very well” what the rights that this group enjoys mean. today.

“For example, the equalization of rights, the provision of cessation of activity or contributions based on real income. A long demand by the most representative associations of the self-employed. (…) And this is a reality carried out by progressive governments which I now have to evaluate from my ministerial responsibility,” he stressed.

Regarding the observatory that will be created at the end of this month, the minister explained that, after a few years of implementing the benefit for cessation of activity, It is time to evaluate whether what has been done works well or badly “hand in hand with social dialogue”.

Saiz has emphasized that this benefit allowed one million self-employed workers to face the consequences of the pandemic, and has pointed out that In 2023, a total of 14,000 self-employed workers accessed this benefitfor which, as he recalled, it is necessary to make a contribution.

Meeting with the field

The minister has announced that she will meet with agricultural organizations to address, among other issues, the lack of labor in this sector that is in full mobilizations throughout Spain. He has focused this meeting on the labor problem faced by some agricultural activities, and has appealed to the need to guarantee a “circular” and “orderly” migration to avoid this problem. “Surely we can find meeting points,” she indicated.

Saiz has pointed out that In the last 10 years, 100,000 jobs have been lost in the field and, therefore, he has advocated coordination between the different Government ministries to find a formula, which probably involves immigration.

Given the demonstrations carried out by farmers in recent days, the Minister of Social Security has assured that agricultural policy has been on the Government’s political agenda “always”, with “dialogue and constant listening”, and has recalled the food chain law, the more than 4,000 million in aid and the “strong commitment” to make the CAP more “effective.”

Finally, he has defended the increase in the SMI also for agricultural workers despite criticism from employers, and has assured that when this salary rises it is for all Spaniards, “also for farm workers.”

Protection of the vulnerable

During his speech, Saiz stressed that one of my objectives as head of the Ministry is to reduce the gender gap and increase protection, especially for the “most vulnerable groups that have historically had lower levels of protection”, such as the domestic workers.

In this sense, Saiz recalled that, as he addressed with the social agents at the Social Security negotiation table, the housekeepers starting next year they will have the same treatment in their contribution gaps as the rest of the workers.


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