Sold 500,000+ cups in 3 days!Yihetang Peach Oolong PLUS is back with an upgrade

Sold 500,000+ cups in 3 days!Yihetang Peach Oolong PLUS is back with an upgrade

What does spring smell like? Yihetang’s answer is peach and oolong flavor!

Recently, Yihetang’s newly upgraded and returned Peach Oolong Plus has won a lot of praise. In addition, the well-known Internet celebrity Uncle Meng scored an astonishingly high score in the evaluation, sending him to the top of the “Uncle Meng Milk Tea Recommendation List” red list!

Yihetang’s official data shows that Peach Oolong Plus sold more than 500,000 cups in the first three days of its launch, surpassing the popular mint milk green in one fell swoop and becoming the top two in sales, second only to the ace classic Yihe Roasted Milk. In the first week of its launch, the sales volume of Peach Oolong Plus ranked among the top three.

Use the whole peach in one cup and drink until spring

The biggest highlight of Yihetang Peach Oolong Plus is the upgrade of its raw materials.

Newly upgraded peach pulp particles are specially added to the whole drink. Approximately 1 fresh peach is used in one cup (calculated based on the weight of each peach of 150g). Using Yangshan peach pulp, peeled and pitted, mixed with other varieties of peaches. In order to lock in the aroma of the peach, part of the peel is specially retained, which also makes the overall taste more distinct. The HPP sterilization process is used to fully retain the original flavor of the fruit, presenting a comprehensive sour aroma and chewy feel, making it richer in taste.

The selection of tea base is more careful, with the selected White Bud Qilan Oolong tea soup. The geographical indication product Pinghe Baiya Qilan Oolong tea is used. As a rare and improved oolong tea variety in China, Baiya Qilan has a rare output and precious raw materials. After being carefully made through eighteen complicated processes, the tea soup has a fragrant orchid fragrance, and the taste is elegant and smooth.

Take a sip of Peach Oolong Plus. The sweet aroma of peach collides with the long orchid fragrance of oolong tea, making the whole cup of product full and layered in flavor. You can drink it until spring in one sip.

The intangible cultural heritage hairpin is limited to inherit oriental aesthetics

For the newly upgraded Peach Oolong Plus, Yihetang also matched the intangible cultural heritage Hairpin Flower Wai limited marketing campaign.

Hairpin Wai is a characteristic dress worn by fishermen from Quanzhou Pu. It symbolizes bravery, dedication and love, and is a hope and blessing for a better life. Now it has been included in my country’s intangible cultural heritage list.

Yihetang specially designed the hairpin series co-branded packaging for Peach Oolong Plus, including limited hairpin cup sleeves, thermal bags, etc., covering many stores across the country. It has also renovated a number of intangible cultural heritage hairpin flower wei themed stores across the country, bringing a refreshing and spring experience to consumers everywhere, while also allowing more people to appreciate the charm of intangible cultural heritage hairpin flower wei.

As a well-known original new tea drink brand, Yihetang has also been actively shouldering the responsibility of exploring oriental culture and inheriting classical art, and has also developed the brand proposition of “Yiqu Oriental”. This cross-border cooperation between Peach Oolong Plus and Intangible Cultural Heritage Hairpin Wai is the second stop of its newly launched intangible cultural heritage series.

It received rave reviews and sold over 500,000 cups in 3 days.

After the upgrade and launch of Peach Oolong Plus, it not only attracted reviews from big V bloggers such as Uncle Meng, but also received rave reviews from consumers. Some consumers call it “White Moonlight”, while others praise it as “YYDS” and its flavor is very “fairy”.

In fact, peach oolong has always been a classic best-selling item of Yihetang. It has a huge customer base, high consumer recognition, and its past sales performance is also very impressive.

In response to strong demands from consumers, Yihetang has made a return to Peach Oolong and launched a new and upgraded Plus version.

With its fresh and attractive flavor and its high adaptability to the romantic spring, Peach Oolong Plus sold 500,000 cups within three days of its launch, surpassing Mint Milk Green in one fell swoop and becoming second only to Yihe Roasted. Milk’s best-selling product. In the first week of its launch, Peach Oolong Plus ranked among the top three in sales.

The peach flavor is full of crispy and sweet peach meat, the new upgrade is full of freshness, and there is also a beautiful and meaningful hairpin cup sleeve packaging… On this occasion of spring and scenery, what reason is there not to have a cup of Peach Oolong Plus?

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