Spirits, Branca and growth in the name of generative profit

Spirits, Branca and growth in the name of generative profit

Significant results emerge in the field of social and environmental responsibilitynot only in terms of economic performance, from Sustainability and Awareness Report 2022 published by Branca International. The report of the spirits sector holding company owned and controlled by the Branca family Fratelli Branca Distillerie SpA was also notable for the introduction ofimpact materialityan indicator that evaluates the importance of different aspects of business activity based on their positive or negative impact on the economy, society and the environment.

The concept of generative profit

“I am proud to say that this year too we see the tangible results of our commitment to the creation of a ‘generative profit’, based on the one hand on Sustainability as an incessant search for a relationship of maximum balance with the social and environmental context of which we are on one side, on the other on the Awareness that the Company is a living organism, which interacts both internally and externally, in an interdependent manner, in a continuous and mutual exchange, setting the creation of well-being as its final objective not only for self? but also for the entire community? and for the environment,” he said Niccolò Branca, president and CEO of Branca International and Fratelli Branca Distillerie.

But what is meant in detail by generative useful? The president of the holding places emphasis on this concept: “When I talk about generative profit I mean a profit pursued and achieved with the utmost respect for the social context and the natural environment, and such as to generate lasting benefits for all the stakeholders with whom the Group And? in relation. This way of thinking and acting has allowed the Group to achieve significant performance at an economic, social and environmental level despite the geopolitical and inflationary crises which have caused heavy repercussions on the raw materials, energy and logistics markets”.

The numbers of the Sustainability and Awareness Report

From an economic point of view, Branca International recorded a significant increase in its revenues, with 420 million euros in 2022, marking a 37% increase over the previous year. The volume of bottled product reached 84,217 tons, an increase of 16% compared to 2021. The company also distributed more than 386 million euros to its stakeholders, continuing its growth trend.

On the front of sustainability, the company reduced energy intensity by 5% and total emissions relative to production by 6%. The waste production index also saw a significant drop of 24%, while water consumption remained more or less in line with 2021.

As regards the social responsability, Branca increased the number of its employees by 5%, bringing it to 313, and saw a 2% increase in female presence, reaching 21% of total employees. The hours of training provided have increased exponentially, recording an increase of 275% compared to 2021.

The company – whose product portfolio includes historic Italian brands such as Fernet-Branca, Brancamenta, Antica Formula, Stravecchio Branca, Carpano, Punt e Mes, Caffè Borghetti, Candolini And Sernova – has also obtained important awards, such as Gold Medal with Carpano Botanic Bitter in the aperitif category San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022, but continuing to work simultaneously on important social aspects. Such as promoting the culture of responsible drinking, through initiatives and partnerships with transport services to encourage not driving after drinking and campaigns to prevent alcohol consumption among minors.

A budget that therefore shows ahealthy companynot only in purely economic terms, and committed to growing in a sustainable and responsible manner.

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