State Bank has released a commemorative coin of Rs 100

State Bank has released a commemorative coin of Rs 100

A commemorative coin of Rs

The State Bank of Pakistan has released a commemorative coin of Rs 100 on the completion of ten years of the Corridor project.

According to the statement issued by the State Bank of Pakistan, a commemorative coin of 100 rupees will be issued on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the China Economic Corridor.

State Bank has said in the statement that the CPEC project started in 2013 has played an important role in the infrastructure and economic development of Pakistan. Under this, projects worth billions of dollars have been completed and many are under construction.

The Banking Corporation Offices of State Bank started issuing CPEC commemorative coins from 11th August i.e. today.

According to State Bank sources, the commemorative coin made of Cupro-Nickel metal is round, its diameter is 30 mm and its weight is 13.5 grams. It uses 75% copper and 25% nickel metal.

The commemorative coin features a five-pointed star design on one side. Within this star are the crescent moon and star of the national flag of Pakistan and the five stars of the national flag of China and is inscribed in English “CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF CPEC” along with the denomination of the coin i.e. ‘100 Rs’ is also prominent.

The other side of the coin bears the same five-pointed star on the other side of the coin along with the words ‘Pakistan China Economic Corridor’ in English, Urdu and Chinese. Apart from this, ‘FROM VISION TO REALITY’ is also written in English. The years “2013” and “2023” are also prominent on the coin, to commemorate the decade of CPEC development.

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