Statement from MÜSİAD regarding trade allegations with Israel

Statement from MÜSİAD regarding trade allegations with Israel

Thousand Youth Movement for Palestine wanted to hold a press statement in front of a hotel in Şişli, where the Young MÜSİAD Congress was held, to protest the trade of Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MÜSİAD) companies with Israel.

The police, who did not allow a statement to be made, intervened in the group. Activists frequently chanted slogans such as “Trade with Israel is a betrayal of Palestine” and “Murderer Israel, collaborator MÜSİAD”.

Thousand Youth Movement for Palestine shared the press statement, which the police did not allow them to make, on their social media accounts. The statement said, “Since the genocide began, the government and capitalists in Turkey have been condemning Israel and organizing rallies, marches and aid campaigns for Palestine. On the other hand, they continue to maintain all commercial relations with Israel and add to their wealth by feeding the genocide. “All kinds of materials for Israel, from electricity to concrete, from steel to cables, from food to clothing, are provided by companies in Turkey,” it said.


The statement stated that calls for solidarity made while commercial activities with Israel continue were hypocritical, and continued with the following statements:

“MÜSİAD member steel company İÇDAŞ continues its steel exports to Israel without slowing down. Just since October 7, 9 ships have shipped from İÇDAŞ’s port in Çanakkale to Haifa Port. Communities such as MÜSİAD, TÜSİAD and all local collaborators, including the government itself, are trying to present themselves as friends of Palestine and hide their betrayals with false calls for solidarity. We know this hypocrisy very well. We will not let them go as long as they are complicit in the genocide. Long live the honorable resistance of the Palestinian people.”


In the written statement made by MÜSİAD, it was reminded that there have been allegations on social media and various channels that its members and the institution have been doing business with Israel.

The statement, which pointed out that Israel clearly condemned it, included the following statements:

“As MÜSİAD, we do not accept in any way the inhumane cruelty committed by Zionist Israel against the Palestinian people, including children, women and the elderly, and we describe it as a genocide and condemn it. MÜSİAD, with its nearly 14 thousand members and nearly 60 thousand companies with national and spiritual values, It is an important organization that has a say in our country and on international platforms as a result of its stance with its 34 years of experience. This say and the breadth of its sphere of influence has disturbed some circles that are not well-intentioned and has reached the point of damaging the reputation of our Association. The claim made in an effort to direct social perception They keep the public busy with delusions and delusions.As MÜSİAD, we have been fighting against such unfounded claims for a long time.

Recently, our institution and all our members have been accused of ‘the alleged commercial activities of a few of our members with Israel’. For this reason, we carefully examine the allegations that put our institution and all our members under suspicion, in line with our charter, and operate our internal processes. “When the processes are completed, the public will be informed.”


In the statement, it was pointed out that Palestinian lands were occupied and the following evaluation was made:

“It should not be forgotten that more than 6 million Muslim Palestinians live in the occupied Palestinian territories and under Israeli oppression, and they necessarily continue their trade through Israel until they gain their independence. In this context, we, as the MÜSİAD community, believe that our members, who have adopted ethical trade as their motto, continue their commercial activities in line with common values. “We have full faith in this. We express our stance clearly once again and condemn the circles that do business with the Zionist Israeli administration, its sympathizers, supporters and supporters. We do not believe that any of our brothers who support MÜSİAD values ​​can fuel the fire of the Zionists while this oppression is inflicted on Palestine.”


In the statement, it was stated that they encourage their sincere and well-intentioned friends all over the world to defend the Palestinian cause and that they attach importance to the sensitivity they have shown in this field, and that every well-intentioned initiative made for the Palestinian cause is very valuable for MÜSİAD.

In the statement, it was said, “We kindly request that the slanderous and defamatory news about our institution and our members be disregarded. As we always say, we confirm once again that we will continue to demonstrate our emphasis on ethical trade in every field, acting with the motto of being ‘One and Together’.” .

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