Statement from TES-İŞ about additional raise for public workers

Statement from TES-İŞ about additional raise for public workers

Chairman of the Turkish Energy, Water and Gas Workers Union (TES-İŞ) İrfan Kabaloglureiterated their demands for welfare shares for all public workers.

In his written statement, Kabaloğlu reminded that public workers with different contract effective dates also benefited from the 32.57 wage increase in January with the additional protocol signed on January 29.

Kabaloğlu stated that with the additional protocol, they enabled their members whose contract effective date was March 1 to receive high raises, but their demands for a welfare share to all public workers were not met, and said:

“As TES-İŞ, we will of course continue to work for better wages in the upcoming collective bargaining agreements, but we reiterate our demand for a welfare share for all public workers in order to restore the balance between segments and peace and tranquility in working life. Our members work in the field under very dangerous and heavy conditions. We believe that they should receive compensation for this, and we explain this in detail to the relevant parties, especially the Government and the High Arbitration Board. High inflation negatively affects our municipality and private sector employees as well as public workers. We have made improvements in İSPER and İSFALT within the body of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, with which we have previously signed collective labor agreements. And we want the bonuses to be equalized.”


Kabaloğlu emphasized that they continue collective labor agreement negotiations in İSKİ, İGDAŞ and UGETAM, taking into account the wage expectations of their members according to the current economic conditions, and continued as follows:

“We expect our expectations to be fulfilled immediately. We continue to sign our contracts in the private sector, electricity distribution and electricity generation. We have signed very good contracts. However, in case the wage increases in these workplaces are reduced due to high inflation, we will of course demand improvements according to current conditions.”

Kabaloğlu wanted the members working in subcontracted companies and irrigation unions to be recruited without delay and shared the following views on income tax:

“We express our demand for justice in taxes on every platform. We demand that more taxes be collected from those who earn less than those who earn more or less. We expect the necessary arrangements to be made so that our members receive the same salary at the end of the year as they received in January, and that our demand for justice is fulfilled. Until these demands and expectations are met, our Confederation “We will continue our negotiations and struggle with TÜRK-İŞ.”

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