Steel industry: Thyssenkrupp boss calls for transformation summit from Olaf Scholz

Steel industry: Thyssenkrupp boss calls for transformation summit from Olaf Scholz

The largest German steel company Thyssenkrupp has called for a transformation summit under the leadership of Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) following the Federal Constitutional Court’s budget ruling on climate protection and energy projects. The federal, state, unions and companies should discuss what the next concrete steps are in order not to stop the transformation, said Osburg.

“If that doesn’t work, Germany will ultimately have to write off its climate goals,” said Osburg. Among other things, the planned climate protection agreements, electricity price compensation or the development of a hydrogen network are unclear. Quick decisions from the federal government are necessary so that the uncertainty does not spread any further.

According to Osburg, the climate transformation fund is in principle no longer available with the court’s decision. “From our perspective, this means that we actually no longer have the funds available that are urgently needed to advance industrial transformation here in Germany,” he said.

This way she sees Steel industry According to the information, the climate protection agreements are no longer secured. “This is a really big topic because it is actually the only funding instrument that we will need in the future for further transformation steps here at the location.” In addition, funds for the development of the hydrogen core network would be at risk. The expansion of power plant capacity to stabilize the electricity supply through renewable energies is also affected.

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