Stef wants to move up a gear on hiring women

Stef wants to move up a gear on hiring women

The Stef group, which has existed since 1920, operates across 15 European countries. It supplies fresh products to food players, from mass distribution to restaurants, including retailers, artisans, communities and e-commerce platforms.

How many hires do you anticipate in 2024?

Jean-Yves Chameyrat. Recruitment is an ongoing issue for us. In 2024, we are counting on 3,000 hires. Mainly production positions, such as truck drivers and order pickers. This strong commitment should allow us to replace departures and create positions to ensure our growth.

Why a new employer brand campaign?

To support recruitment needs, in a tense context and by highlighting our specific advantages. One of our objectives was to make our professions known. During interviews with our current employees carried out in the field, it clearly emerged that the atmosphere, the team spirit and the prospects for development were profoundly differentiating. Our employer brand therefore highlights the way in which our jobs are carried out on our sites, through strong pillars.

The transport and logistics sector still has a very masculine image. How many women do Stef have?

To date, we have 20% women and we are aiming for 25% in 2030, which will mean hiring 1,000 women. To do this, we are actively working on the conditions for exercising our professions. Thanks to driving and handling assistance systems, women can easily drive 44-tonne trucks. We have also developed specific work clothing, adapted to their body types. Finally, we train and raise awareness about gender equality and gender bias to be deconstructed so that they can take their full place in our professions.

What about your internal promotion policy?

Today, 80% of management positions are filled internally. We are constantly detecting the best talents and potential at all levels, throughout Europe, on each site. With several partners, we have developed a team leader school and another for driving and maintenance professions.

What benefits are granted to your employees?

We have a strong policy in favor of employee shareholding, open to all those with at least three months of seniority. More than one in two employees is now a shareholder of the group and 73% of the capital is held by management and teams. This is the result of our proactive matching policy to support their payments. A few years ago, we created a first 100% matching tranche for the first 100 euros invested. Furthermore, every year, we distribute a third of the result in the form of participation or profit-sharing. Which is equivalent on average, depending on the sites, to a fourteenth month. And we cover 60% of the family’s mutual insurance contributions.

What are your HR projects?

They are numerous ! With the aim of strengthening internal developments in other professions, we will extend the scope of our driving school to order pickers. And then, we are working on setting up a digital workplace, aiming to accelerate digital transformation for all employees. The objective of this personalized work environment is to facilitate information for everyone, create connections and strengthen the feeling of belonging, and promote interactivity and collaborative work.

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