Stellantis, car sales in Italy grew by 10.1% in November

Stellantis, car sales in Italy grew by 10.1% in November

Stellantisaccording to data processed by Dataforce, sold 40,808 cars in Italy in November, 9.8% more than the same month in 2022. The market share is 29.3% compared to 30.9% a year ago. Taking the numbers for the eleven months, the group registered a total of 472,715 cars, a figure in growth of 10.1% compared to the same period last year, corresponding to a market share decreased from 35.4% to 32.5%.

Stellantis’ numbers fit into an overall growth picture. New car registrations in Italy are increased by 16.19% in November going from 119,871 in 2022 to 139,278 units. The data was provided by Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. In the first eleven months of the year, sales rose by 20.09% to 1,455,271.

Compared to 2019 values, the overall data on registrations marks a drop of 18.1%. In the following years, the market was hit by the crisis triggered by the pandemic and by all the other subsequent negative factors: the war in Ukraine, the shortage of essential components for the production of cars, the reappearance of inflation on the world scene and now also by conflict exploded in Israel.

Gian Primo Quagliano, president of Promoter Study Center, believes that registrations at the end of the year will stand at 1,576,000. The pre-pandemic level, which was and is the objective to be achieved, therefore remains distant. The November economic survey conducted by the Centro Studi Promotor on a representative sample of dealers highlights that 2023 sales were essentially slowed down by three factors: the economic situation of families aggravated by the reduction in purchasing power due to inflation, the decidedly high levels reached by price lists and the general economic situation. The situation for the sales of electric cars appears particularly critical, the share of which in Italy is close to 4% compared to 15.2% in Western Europe.

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