Stellantis on Mirafiori: “Beatful heart in Italy”. For the unions, there are insufficient answers regarding the future of the factory

Stellantis on Mirafiori: “Beatful heart in Italy”.  For the unions, there are insufficient answers regarding the future of the factory


The Mirafiori plant represents the “beating heart of Stellantis” in Italy. Word of Davide Melehead of Corporate Affairs of the automotive group led by Carlos Tavares on the occasion of the roundtable underway at the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy. Meeting where, in addition to Minister Adolfo Urso, the leaders of Anfia, representatives of national and local trade unions and local authorities are present, from governor of Piedmont, Alberto Cirio, to the mayor of Turin, Stefano Lo Russor. A front that presented itself compactly at the table. To cope with the reduction in production of 500 electric and models Maserati, Gran Cabrio and Gran Turismoask that a new model arrives in Mirafiori and that we aim for an average annual production of 200 thousand cars. A way to reduce layoffs among body shop workers, where the assembly of the electric 500 has been reduced to one shift, and to get the employees of the brand’s line out of solidarity contracts until the end of the year. Trident.

No new arrival model appears to be foreseen, at least according to the words of Mele, who added that the technical tables that took place in the ministry in recent months represented an important tool, reiterating that the group shared the objective of one million of vehicles produced in Italy, while as regards the commercial plan, Stellantis shares the idea of ​​EU duties with respect to cars arriving from China. Regarding Mirafiori in particular, Mele underlined that in the plant the group has placed a flagship product such as the Fiat 500, which will be produced, from this year, exclusively in Italy. “The electric 500 should reach triple-digit production,” he said, therefore exceeding 100 thousand units, being able to reach up to 200 thousand, but provided that there are the new incentives announced by the government. A system that would have allowed the current production of the small Fiat company to be increased by 20% as early as January. “At Maserati – continued the manager – we are working on the electrification of the new models to be produced on the Folgore platform: in addition to the Gran Cabrio, the new Quattroporte will be produced by June”.

Next week in Mirafiori the new Mechanics department will enter full production for the creation of electrified gearboxes which will employ over 500 workers. Added to these activities are the Hubs for recycling and batteries. For Mele, all these activities are anti-cyclical, preparatory and necessary for the electricity market that is being defined. As regards vehicles, he reiterated the need for incentives in the transition phase. As regards the decision to allocate an electric car to Poland in collaboration with Leapmotor, the Chinese start-up with which Stellantis closed an agreement last autumn which also provides for a joint venture controlled by Stellantis for the production of the platforms outside China , Mele specified “that beyond the news published in the newspapers Stellantis has not yet decided anything”. Words which, however, do not seem to hide the possibility that one of the platforms could arrive in Turin.

Responses which for the union are not adequate for the situation of the Turin hub: “With these numbers – underlines Ferdinando Uliano, secretary of the Fim-Cisl – the electric 500 alone and the current Maseratis are not sufficient to saturate the plants and the employment of the the Turin area. the situation is dramatic.” And he then reiterated: “The idea of ​​a popular product in collaboration with Leapmotor, given that as Mele said it hasn’t yet been decided where to allocate, but also the production of the 500 hybrid, as well as the full electric one, could help to hit the mark the target”. Sara Rinaudo of Fismic-Confsal he adds: “Still stalemate and uncertainties on Mirafiori, we need certainties and the arrival of a new model as soon as possible”.


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