Striking statement from TÜİK former President Birol Aydemir! ‘They should all be tried, Mehmet Şimşek turns a blind eye’

Striking statement from TÜİK former President Birol Aydemir!  ‘They should all be tried, Mehmet Şimşek turns a blind eye’

Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) According to the January inflation data announced by the company, inflation is 10 percent on a monthly basis. 6.7 percent on an annual basis 65 was determined as .

Speaking at the inflation report meeting held by the Central Bank last Thursday, Vice President Cevdet Akçay said, “We are re-establishing the links that have been broken for seven months.” It was on the agenda. Birol Aydemir, Deputy Chairman of İYİ Party and former President of TÜİK, evaluated the Central Bank meeting and the announced TÜİK data on Cumhuriyet TV.


Independent Research Group for the last two years ENAG and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Stating that he follows the data he announced, Aydemir said, “With Şimşek taking office, CPI’Some manipulations in were stopped. However, mistakes are still made. Not calculating natural gas is a big mistake, by doing this we can reduce annual inflation by at least 100 percent. 15 They underestimated. Dear Vegetal Errors were made deliberately during the period. That period needs to be scrutinized and all transactions carried out need to be examined. Those responsible should be brought to justice and tried in the courts. They violated the people’s rights, I know what they did. Mehmet Simsek “By not taking any steps in this regard, he becomes an accomplice to the crime.” said.


TURKSTATAydemir claimed that the figures announced by . are clearly wrong. “Until 2021 ITO with TURKSTAT‘s inflation figures almost overlapped. Since then, the bond has been broken, but now it has come closer together again. The TURKSTAT disgrace continues. Yes, the inflation felt by everyone is different because everyone’s spending patterns are different. “When I was the president of TURKSTAT, I would measure the inflation for five different income groups to see if it was very different from the basket we prepared, and there would not be big differences.” he said.


Aydemir, “These friends have no idea about the world” he said and continued as follows:

“TURKSTAT also determines the weights incorrectly. The middle income gradually decreased and disappeared. Expenditures include housing, food, education and health, and some clothing. But TÜİK reduced the weight of food and housing due to natural gas. Since it changes the weights, inflation will be low. Let’s ask millions, have food expenditures decreased? My advice to those at TURKSTAT is that I know where they collect data on clothing, they collect data from ridiculous places. “I invite all of them to act in accordance with the science of statistics.”


Aydemir also made statements regarding the inflation report meeting held by the Central Bank last Thursday, which caused controversy.

Central Bank’s year-end inflation forecast 36Aydemir criticized the fact that it kept constant at “According to my and economists’ estimates, there is no possibility of achieving 36 percent. After this For the target to be achieved, monthly average inflation must reach 2.3 percent. My guess is inflation is 100% 75-80It will reach ‘s and will start to fall after June due to the base effect. My advice to the Central Bank is that they should first look at the correct measurement of inflation. Actually Cevdet Akçay also he said this. Measurement and data analysis are no longer possible. “The reason for the impoverishment of the people is the incorrect measurement of inflation.” he said.


Year-end inflation forecast 45 Aydemir explained: “If the Central Bank fails to keep the exchange rate, it is not possible for inflation to remain at 45 percent. Cevdet Akçay said a lot in his three-minute speech at the meeting. Normally, the presidency of the Central Bank is the right of Cevdet Hodja. What they say is true but incomplete. Past practices were a disaster. Berat Albayrak distortion starting with Nurettin Nebati reached the top with. Cevdet Hodja says that there is no environment where monetary policy can work and they are trying to fix this. In no other country in the world will inflation jump as it does in our country, unless there is a war or natural disaster. Cevdet teacher said that first of all, this situation should be repaired and settled. “It is clear from his speech that the situation is much worse than it appears from the outside.” said.


Stating that capital transfers were made in the two years when monetary policies in Turkey were deteriorated, Aydemir concluded his words with the following statements:

“Percentage of inflation 80 percent of public banks in the period when it was around 15-20 gave credit with. This was madness. At that time, income distribution deteriorated in such a way that this can only happen in war. Such a credit mechanism was established, businessmen and enterprises benefited from it. These losses of public banks were covered by citizens’ taxes. SCT And VAT Why did it increase? This is the result of nonsense like exchange rate protected deposits. Now businessmen who cannot get cheap loans are complaining. The Central Bank should be transparent and explain the public harm caused by past practices. Just to the past ‘irrational’ “You can’t just say it and ignore it.”

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