Swore. This company specializing in housing wants to set up in Dole

Swore.  This company specializing in housing wants to set up in Dole

The Culture Habitat network is made up of several agencies with the desire to expand throughout France, particularly in the department of Jura. They are located in seven French departments, in Auxerre (89), in Annecy (74), in Balbigny (42), in Brive-la-Gaillarde (19), in Dijon (21), in Issoire (63), and in La Rochelle (17). Dole is a next step.

From 5 to 10 employees per agency

Specialists in home renovation and improvement, their multidisciplinary experience allows them to “respond to all your projects”. They integrate into their workforce 5 to 10 employees depending on the agencies, and the know-how of the home renovation professions. In order to offer roof treatment and renovation for waterproofing problems, change of roofing and zincwork, or even curative or preventive frame treatment. But also facade renovation and many others.

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3 positions on Dole

Culture Habitat is looking for new employees, including three in Dole, in order to extend these services to the Jura. Beyond a diploma or experience, Culture Habitat is above all looking for “personalities overflowing with energy, go-getters at heart, driven by a taste for challenge and wishing to invest in their society”. The company supports, trains, and offers “real career opportunities”.

If you would like to be part of this adventure, Culture Habitat is looking for in Dole: a technician/applicator and a full-time permanent technical sales representative in the building renovation sector; roof treatment, insulation, framework, facade and humidity. But also a prospector who will make meetings with potential clients, where you will have to “use your persuasion skills to convince clients of the importance of our services”. But also: coordinate the availability of technicians and customers and ensure precise follow-up of appointments.

Information on: https://culturehabitat.com/recrutement/

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