Taikang Life Insurance releases HWP’s top ten empowerment plans

Taikang Life Insurance releases HWP’s top ten empowerment plans


  3moon29Japan, Taikang Life InsuranceHealth and wealth planner career briefing held grandly,grandreleaseHWPTop ten empowerment systems,Promote Taikang’s outstanding teams to reach new heights.

  new life insurancelead the industryto create a top career in the financial industry

  life insurance industrySet off a wave of high-quality development.Taikang Life takes the lead in creating newlife insuranceNext Health Wealth Planner (HWP), rebuilding life insurance operationsThe “golden triangle” of “products, customers, and team” sets an industry benchmark.Executive Vice President of Taikang Insurance Group,Cheng Kangping, President of Taikang Life InsuranceSpeaking at an eventpointed out that the era of longevity is coming, and Taikang is the first to seize the pulse of the times and bring traditionallife insuranceriskandCombining physical medical, health and wellness services and introducing“Server” forms the “paymentThe new life insurance with the three-end synergy of “+ service + investment” provides the direction and path for the high-quality transformation of the industry..

  The “new life insurance” model puts forward higher requirements for the specialization, professionalization and performance optimization of the sales team. The needs of middle- and high-net-worth individuals for health and wealth management are increasingly personalized and diversified, and they continue to call for high-quality professional service talents.

  Taikang pairHWP is positioned as an insurance consultant + health manager + financial management expert to provide customers, their families and families with one-stop services in pension, health and wealth.and ultimately achieve a high degree of unity of economic value, social value and life value.existTaikangUnder the idea of ​​Chairman Chen Dongsheng,HWP is a noble profession on the same level as lawyers, doctors, and accountants.

  Exclusive top ten empowerments to helpHWPcausehigh qualitydevelop

  Taikang devoted all the resources of the group to buildHWP project.At this meeting, Taikang released its first majorHWPThe top ten empowerments are announced to focus on product, operation, super body, technology, brand, workplace, system, finance, training, experts and other dimensions.HWPProvide systematic support.

  In terms of products, relying on the Happy Appointment brand, Taikang has built four major product systems: Longevity Appointment, Health Appointment, Good Life Appointment, and Wealth Appointment to provide customers with products and services throughout the life cycle, empowering them with four-in-one productsHWP; At the same time, relying on the big health ecosystem to form super experiential sales, transform abstract life insurance sales into situational and immersive experiential sales.

  The technological level is based onVR cloud super bodyintelligent autonomous operation platform,HWP101 evaluation systemTaikang doctors, etc., to helpHWPPrecise customer management through multiple channels; in terms of brand building, we launched the industry’s first high-performance team CCTV advertising to createHWPBrand ceremony, sublimating spirit and honorHWP Careers.

  Exclusive workplace level, forHWP creates a top-notch office environment in the industry, including an education and training center, an exclusive workplace, and a health and wealth experience center..

  At the institutional guarantee level, launchHWPThe Basic Law establishes rules and regulations for the team, distinguishing it from traditional agents and forming its own unique professional program.and passHWPExclusive entrepreneurial allowance provides solid financial support.

  At the training level, based on innovative big health ecological resources and external resources, a system covering insurance consultant training, general practitioner academy, elite wealth academy, experiential training, and honorary qualification certification training has gradually been formed.HWP professional training system.Also launchedHWP Entrepreneur Academy cultivates the team’s ability to operate independently, allowing HWP to move from personal excellence to organizational excellence.

  Do“Healthy Wealth Entrepreneur”go to the new future of the industry together

  HWP has grown into a new high-performance team,The human resources continue to make breakthroughs, the standard premium and happiness appointment contribution rates are increasing year by year, and the team shows the structural characteristics of young people, high education, high quality, high income and high performance.in,HWP entrepreneurs and partners continue to be promoted.

  Cheng Kangping said that the agent team will definitely develop in the direction of professionalization, specialization and performance optimization. Taikang Life Insurance will adhere to both the construction of new high-performance teams and the transformation of existing teams to inject strong momentum into the company’s high-quality development. Under new life insurance,HWPThe world for development is extremely broad, and he will eventually become an entrepreneur leading the trend of health and wealth in the age of longevity. Taikang sincerely invites people with lofty ideals to join us, travel through cycles, move forward in pursuit of dreams, and win the future together.


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