Talking about the future of digital economy, Tustin won the Quality Business Live Room Award at the 8th China New Media Summit

Talking about the future of digital economy, Tustin won the Quality Business Live Room Award at the 8th China New Media Summit


Recently, the 8th China New Media Summit and TOPKLOUT AWARDS awards ceremony was held in Beijing. Tustin China Burger won the “2023 Quality Merchant Live Room” award.

This summit, with the theme of “Innovating the Future”, was attended by leading experts, institutions, platforms, and brands, which attracted widespread attention in the industry. The summit focuses on new trends in short dramas, e-commerce, local life and other fields, as well as new changes in the content industry, and promotes participating partners to achieve coordinated development and value growth in a complex and ever-changing market environment.

  The two-wheel drive of creativity and strategy leads to high-quality development

According to the “China New Media Development Annual Report” released by the summit, creators with 500,000 to 3 million fans have become the backbone of the (live broadcast industry), and the proportion of this group of creators has increased for three consecutive years, and now accounts for the total 14% of the account volume.

Tustin currently has nearly 10 million fans online. In terms of creative capabilities, we continue to promote the integration of hot topics and traditional culture, create the appeal of national style content from a unique perspective, help the rise of domestic products and enhance cultural confidence, continue to enhance the emotional connection between young consumer groups and brands, and inject into the development of a healthy content marketing ecosystem. A steady stream of new momentum.

In terms of brand marketing, Tustin made a strong breakthrough for the first time in 2022 with the omni-channel exposure of the “Black Pineapple” Chinese Valentine’s Day marketing of 554 million; and then continued its efforts in 2023, through precise insights into the life attitudes of contemporary young people. , first teamed up with Balala Little Demon Fairy to gain 530 million exposures and 2.52 million+ hot comments on the entire network, and then launched the anti-EMO and anti-involution hot word “Bamboo Youth” in the Dragon Boat Festival marketing, which directly appeared on the Hot searches on Weibo and hot lists on Douyin lead the trend of topics.

With its excellent content marketing combination, Tustin has formed new thinking on the large-scale growth of free e-commerce, and has also expanded new possibilities and new contexts for brand global marketing.

  Deeply cultivate traditional culture to unlock new passwords for brand efficiency enhancement

The “Young Consumption Insights Report on National Trend Brands” released by Xinhuanet shows that among the young consumers who pursue national trends, Generation Z, composed of those born in the 1990s and 2000s, is the main force, contributing about 74% of the consumption share. What’s even more striking is that Generation Z’s pursuit of Chinese traditions goes far beyond just buying and selling. Instead, they are willing to sink their minds to deeply understand traditional culture and internalize it as part of their lives.

Under the wave of national style consumption, new categories and new brands are emerging one after another. As the pioneer of hand-grilled Chinese burgers, traditional Chinese culture is the source of inspiration for Tustin’s high-quality content. Innovation and learning are the two magic weapons for the Tustin brand to stand out in the Red Sea market. In the context of the Internet, where traffic is exchanged for incremental growth, only by continuing to cultivate traditional culture and producing high-quality content can we stay at the forefront of the industry, break out of the new curve of brand growth, and boost cultural confidence to new heights.


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