Temperatures drop and in Milan the weekly energy expense reaches 35 euros

Temperatures drop and in Milan the weekly energy expense reaches 35 euros

They continue to drop temperatures And increases energy expenditure: between 2 and 8 December In fact, consumption for domestic heating is growing in Italy. However, strong differences emerge from north to south.

There weekly bill of a “basic” apartment reaches i 35 euros in Milanrises to 26 euros in Rome and stops at 13 euros in Palermo. In the Lombardy capital, almost two thirds of the bill is due to heating consumption.

The weekly report says so “Smart Building” by Energy&Strategy (E&S) Group of the Polytechnic of Milanwhich considered three regional capitals, showing how the amounts paid change moving from the North to the South of the country.

The analyzes relating to one “smart” home highlight the advantages deriving from energy efficiency measures: a saving of around 50% is achieved compared to the base case, above all thanks to the reduction in gas consumption allowed by the better thermal insulation with the outside and the greater efficiency of the heating system.

In particular, spending in the Lombardy capital is equal to 16 euros, with a difference of 19 euros compared to the base case. In the capital the bill for a smart home is 12 euros, with a saving of 14 euros, while in the Sicilian city it is 7 euros, with a difference of 6 euros compared to a basic apartment.

By adding the savings obtained with those accumulated from the beginning of 2023, smart home users have set aside 469 euros in Milan, 408 euros in Rome and 341 euros in Palermo.

Graphic by Silvano Di Meo

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