The “Accordions” arrive from Melfi

The “Accordions” arrive from Melfi


Mulino Bianco launches on the market from the factory of Melfi a new product for breakfast: they are the Accordions: the result of an impressive research and development work that began in 2018, culminating in the request for a patent to safeguard the uniqueness of the product. This new brioche with an iconic and portionable shape, suitable for dunking in any type of drink, represents a mix of technology, aesthetics and craftsmanship.

“Accordions is the most ambitious and complex research and development project for Mulino Bianco in recent years – he comments Corrado Ferrari, product development director Mulino Bianco – Its creation required a long process, from panel tests to the concept, along the different phases of studying the prototypes, their development and updating the production plant. It is a unique snack in terms of shape and production process in the panorama of products filled with creams. We prepare the filling directly, at the same time as cooking in the oven and thanks to a particular pasteurization process we guarantee organoleptic excellence and food safety. Mulino Bianco further confirms its leadership in the segment on an intellectual, industrial and cultural level”. The product, from the preparation of the dough to the packaging, passes through a 400 meter long production processfor a period of approximately 6 hours.

The excellence of Melfi

Production takes place in the excellent factory of Melfiin BasilicataWhere Mulino Bianco has invested significantly to ensure a innovative and sustainable production process. The site, which has seen an investment of over 30 million euros in the last three years, especially in innovation, quality and sustainability, confirms itself as one of the pillars of the quality and avant-garde of the brand, with a constant commitment to food safety and reduction of environmental impact. In the last 10 years, water savings have been 40% and CO2 savings have been 27%.

Located 60 kilometers from Power, saw the birth of historic products of the brand, in 1986 Tegolino and Soldino came to life here. Over the years, production has been enriched with Rusks, Flutes, Biscuits and Pan Bauletto, up to the most recent Pancakes, making Melfi one of the most active and cutting-edge production plants in Southern Italy. Every day more than 5,000 quality checks are carried out on finished products and 200 on raw materials. In total there are 8 lines dedicated to 20 different recipeswith a maximum capacity of 83,000 tons/year. In total, they are employed in Melfi more than 350 employees.

A response to new needs

With Accordions, Mulino Bianco intends to strengthen its leading position in the breakfast segment, and also respond to the growing requests for innovative and convenient to consume products. The snack is also attentive to the appearance of the nutritional profile: it is in fact made without coloring additives and preservatives, or palm oil, and offers a profile attentive to the well-being and needs of today’s consumers, with -35% sugar compared to the average of the best-selling snacks, as well as a significant contribution of fibres. Its structural characteristics and recipe make thesoaked the ideal consumption method, thus satisfying all those who like to dip snacks or biscuits for breakfast. In fact, a study shows that 6 out of 10 Italians are lovers of soaking and their identikit is multifaceted just as the variables are infinite: from the type of drink to the desired consistency, up to the duration of the soaking, everyone has their own “recipe ideal”.


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