The aesthetic wave of Baidusheng’s 5-level color fastness water-coated veneer cabinet wall door sweeps the Guangzhou Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition

The aesthetic wave of Baidusheng’s 5-level color fastness water-coated veneer cabinet wall door sweeps the Guangzhou Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition


On March 30, the 13th Guangzhou Customized Home Furnishing Exhibition concluded successfully. At this Guangzhou Customized Home Furnishing Exhibition, Baidusheng launched a wave of artistic aesthetics with water-coated wood cabinet wall doors with level 5 color fastness. The exhibition hall design is full of natural energy and traditional cultural heritage, and the perfect integration of oriental traditional aesthetics and modern art attracts on-site audiences, media bloggers, and designers to check in. The unique exhibition hall and core advantages have attracted much attention!

  The perfect integration of oriental culture and art The Blossom Series won the Gold Award and the Silver Award in the Whole House Customization Category

In this exhibition, Baidu Sheng integrated the cultural theme of “water drops through stone” into the exhibition hall design, cleverly realizing the dialogue between healthy lifestyle and spiritual culture, with five major themes of “water drops through stone, flowing water generates wealth, wood prospers home luck, water and wood grow together, and healing garden”. The space allows visitors to immerse themselves in the texture and high-end details of water-lacquered veneer, and experience the collision of soul and art in the water-lacquered veneer aesthetics exhibition hall.

Baidusheng launches new water-coated wood veneer products with level 5 color fastness, the Flowery Nature and Gentle Nature series. Among them, the Flowery Nature series is inspired by the collision between classics and new trends. The overall design is based on the medieval Bauhaus style, combined with French line design. Vivid artistic techniques, jumping textures, geometric shapes, bright black and white color matching, various elements blend with each other to interpret the beauty of the five-level color fastness water-painted wood veneer space.

It is worth mentioning that the Baidusheng Flower Nature series won a major design award – the second Golden Award·Silver Award in the Whole House Customization Category. The professional jury visited the Baidusheng exhibition hall in person, listened to the product concept and design ideas, and unanimously praised the health, beauty and quality of Baidusheng water-coated veneer.

The gentle Nature series is inspired by the fusion of art and nature. The overall style changes with flowing curves, and through smart color matching and arc line combination, it presents the perfect fusion of art and nature. The beauty gently passes through every hustle and bustle, attracting people to stop and take a rest and feel the different gentleness and luxury.

  Big media bloggers came in droves to explain the natural habitat.

During the four-day exhibition, media guests, interested parties, designer bloggers, and Golden Award review experts came to the Baidusheng exhibition hall to experience Baidusheng water-coated wood cabinet wall doors, oxygen-containing bedroom products, and met with Baidusheng Chairman Zhang Jian, deputy general manager Yang Senjie, and investment director Zhang Hui conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges from multiple dimensions and perspectives. They all learned about the design concept of the Baidu Sheng exhibition hall, the water-painted light and high-definition process technology, and the cross-border innovation of the healthy oxygen bedroom. Express admiration and appreciation.

Dangeshuo Customization, China Wardrobe Network, Home Furnishing Network, Huiya Media, Sina Home Furnishing, Haute Couture Circle Principal Wu, Tianfang Yetan and other media visited the scene directly, through exhibition hall visit check-in, exhibition live broadcast, senior executive interviews, etc.

  The Healing Garden series of themed activities turns the home into a place of natural healing

According to the “Generation Z” Nutrition Consumption Trend Report, China’s health and wellness market has exceeded one trillion, and young people aged 18-35 account for as high as 83.7% of the consumer group. Among them, new healing and health methods such as aromatherapy and singing bowls are very popular. People release their emotions through five colors, five senses healing and other methods to achieve a decompression effect.

In this exhibition, Baidusheng innovatively launched a series of themed activities called “Healing Garden”. Three artist activities with different themes brought the on-site and online audiences to experience an immersive five-sense experience through dialogue, experience and performance. A healing journey.

  New tracks, new opportunities, hot franchise invites you to share the bonus of water paint customization

Paint customization will become the new second growth curve in the customized home furnishing industry. The aesthetics of Badesheng’s 5-level color fastness water-coated veneer is leading the trend at this Guangzhou Customized Home Furnishing Exhibition. The exhibition hall revolves around the cultural theme of “water drops penetrate stone”, setting off a wave of design aesthetics. Based on the in-depth understanding of the core consumer groups, the Baidusheng water-coated wood cabinet wall door system meets consumers’ higher requirements for quality and appearance, and also inherits the beauty of natural energy and spirit.

The strong differentiated brand power and competitiveness have attracted many interested customers to enter the museum for negotiation. After having an in-depth understanding of Baide Sheng’s differentiated water paint strategy, many bosses choose to join Baide Sheng to seize the water paint customization track and share the water paint customization dividends.

A drop of water penetrates a stone, and flowing water makes money. Baidusheng followed the trend, effectively implemented the national two-mountain concept and dual-carbon goals, innovated and differentiated water paint strategies, and created a new situation in oil-to-water conversion. In the future, Baidusheng will continue to adhere to the mission of “customizing an environmentally friendly and healthy home for loved ones” and join hands with partners throughout the industry chain to create a new era of water paint customization.


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