The authority was given, we all paid the price: Here is the ‘Illusion Economy’

The authority was given, we all paid the price: Here is the ‘Illusion Economy’

CHP Aydın Deputy and GNAT Justice Commission CHP Group Spokesperson Süleyman Bülbül shared the price increases between 2018, when the Presidential Government System was adopted, and the current situation of the country in the indices.


Bülbül from CHP said, “They couldn’t stop praising us, they said that when we switch to the Presidential Government System, the country will fly and everyone will envy us. In fact, one man went to the podium and made a show by saying, “Give this authority to your brother and you will see how to deal with dollars and interest.”

“The authority was given, and 85 million of our citizens paid the price with their restricted freedom, human rights violations, unemployment and decrease in purchasing power.”


CHP member Süleyman Bülbül said that the public was deceived by false promises, fake statements and edited images:

“When we look at the effects of the authority with data, the following picture emerges;

The central government budget deficit, which was 72.8 billion TL in 2018 when we switched to the new system, reached 1.3 trillion in 2023.

The dollar, which was 4 lira 75 kuruş in 2018, became 30 lira 70 kuruş.

Euro, which was 5 lira 50 kuruş in 2018, is 33 lira 11 kuruş today.

Gram gold, which was 194 lira in 2018, became 1995 lira.

Gasoline, which was 6 lira 31 kuruş in 2018, is 40 lira 21 kuruş

Diesel, which was 5 lira 73 kuruş in 2018, became 45 lira 12 kuruş.

Autogas, which was 3 lira 47 kuruş in 2018, became 20 lira 82 kuruş.

In other words, the dollar increased by 546 percent, the euro by 502 percent, and gram gold by 928 percent.

Gasoline increased by 537 percent, diesel by 687 percent, and autogas by 500 percent.

In the 2023 Corruption Perception Index, Turkey ranked 115th among 180 countries with 34 points.

Turkey ranked 117 out of 142 countries in the Rule of Law Index. It ranks 165 out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index.

The public was deceived before every election with false promises, ostentatious moves, fake statements and edited images.

“In the upcoming March 31 local elections, the AKP government has nothing left to give or explain to the citizens.”

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