The Basque Government extends the relief contracts and benefits 700 workers

The Basque Government extends the relief contracts and benefits 700 workers

The Basque Government and the CCOO and UGT unions have signed the extension for this year 2024 of the relief contract for the permanent staff of the regional Executive, a measure that will benefit more than 700 workers. With this contract, the worker partially retires and his working day is reduced, while another person replaces him in the part of the working day that is reduced.

The signing of the extension took place at a meeting of the General Board, to which ELA and LAB have not attended since they have refused to support this proposal. With this pact, the Basque Government’s workforce that meets the legal requirements during this year 2024 will be able to benefit from the relief contract, as has happened in recent years.

On behalf of the signatories, the Vice-Minister of Public Function, José María Armentia, has regretted that the Government has encountered “a not very responsible attitude on the part of some unions.” “We do not believe it is responsible to position ourselves against the Government by not supporting agreements that benefit the workers of the Basque administration, nor to want to wear down the Government. without assuming the work of union activity“Armentia has assured.

The Basque Government has recalled that it is the consolidation process of public employees is underway of the General Administration of the Basque Autonomous Community, that the first places will be awarded in the near future and the process will be completed at the end of 2024.

This will mean that there will hardly be any temporary job vacancies left and temporary employment will be de facto reduced below 8%so this measure may be extended to practically all permanent workers of the Administration.

Template rejuvenation

The union Comisiones Obreras has highlighted that the relief contract is a tool for rejuvenating staff and promotion of employment, In addition, the labor staff themselves had been demanding this agreement and “would not understand” if it was not signed.

The union has also stated that it will continue working in extend partial retirement to all staff of public administrations, not only labor personnel.

In the same sense, UGT has stated that The signing of the relief contract is a big step forwardbut we cannot forget that the fight to improve the working conditions of all public personnel continues, so that UGT will continue to demand partial retirement for official and statutory personnel.


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