The Canary Islands Human Resources Forum brings together more than 300 professionals from the sector

The Canary Islands Human Resources Forum brings together more than 300 professionals from the sector

‘The Art of Managing People’. The leitmotiv of the event focuses on the power of leadership and team management in the work environment. The Forum brought together professionals from various industries with a common focus: improving their skills to lead and motivate their teams effectively. These conferences not only provided a valuable space for learning and networking, but also They also symbolized the return to direct interaction and collaboration.

This Thursday, more than 300 directors and professionals from the sector attended the 21st Edition of the Canary Islands Human Resources Forum, a event organized by the firm Aguilar Abogados, Adecco, Link Soluciones and Wolters Kluwer, world leading company in management software, information and services for professional offices and companies. It also had the participation of FREMAP and the collaboration of the Illustrious Official Colleges of Social Graduates of Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura and Tenerife.

With more than 700 registrations between Gran Canaria and Tenerife, this exclusive meeting, aimed at Human Resources professionals, managed to create a space for reflection and exchangein which valuable content on this subject was shared and analyzed.

In addition, different topics of interest were discussed, such as incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in talent management, technology and mental health within the workplace.

Referring companies

The event, which featured personalities and Human Resources experts from the main companies in the region and the country, offered a broad and direct approach about the world of human resources, whether from a legal, emotional and practical perspective, also counting on the HR directors of some leading companies in the Canary Islands in terms of HR management.

The event, which lasted five hours, began with Cristina Muñoz, Communication and Events Specialist at Wolters Kluwer, who served as master of ceremonies and led this edition of the Canary Islands HR Forum.

The first presentation of the day was given by Carlos Alberto González Delgado, Head of Artificial Intelligence at the General Council of Economists of Spain and Director of Strategy at Caja Siete. In it he commented How Artificial Intelligence is redefining talent management and the different functions that it can contribute to the work environment.

The second block of presentations was opened by Javier Blasco, Lawyer – Director The Adecco Group Institute and José María Vela, Partner at Aguilar Abogados. In it they made a labor update for 2023 commenting on the legal developments for people management.

Work and mental health

Thirdly, David Piélago, National Coordinator at Fremap, had a space to highlight the importance of mental health in the daily lives of people and work.

Then, Encarna Maroño, D. People & Culture at The Adecco Group, together with managers from the Resources departments, They led an Onboarding 2.0 on innovation in talent acquisition.

Next, Yeray Rivero, Business Development Manager at Link Soluciones, brought with it an insight into Transformers in HR where the optimization of results and productivity stood out.

Finally, and to conclude this edition of the Canary Islands HR Forum, Jose Manuel Zapata, also known as Zapata Tenor, lyrical singer and motivational speaker, He livened up the day by explaining “How to breastfeed the C” to create interaction between attendees.

Excellence Awards

Before closing the event, Cristina Muñoz presented the ninth call for the Canary Islands 2024 Human Resources Excellence Awards, promoted by Aguilar Abogados, Adecco, Link Soluciones, Wolters Kluwer and FREMAP, with the collaboration of Capital Humano as Media Partner.

The awards, which have four categories: Large Companies, Small and Medium Enterprises, Public Administrations and Technological Projects, aim to highlight the comprehensive management of Human Resources, the consistency of people management policies, their alignment with the strategy of the candidate companies and entities and, especially, the innovative aspects that add value to the organization.

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